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10 Coldest Countries in the World



The Coldest Countries in the World.

The diversity of landforms results in climatic variation and seasonal changes. Weather is not a constant phenomenon rather it is ever changing and any shift in an environmental state can cause a great climatic upheaval.

Countries that are situated close to the poles of our planet faces extreme long and severe winters than others. There, the winter is not just some Christmas present rather it’s a year-long tenure of trouble and a struggle for survival.

People leaving in the extreme cold countries experience many difficulties in food production, warm shelter, and clothing. They require more fuel or energy supply to keep their places warm and if they fail to meet such needs they soon become the target of either cold or pneumonia or frostbite. Today we will discuss the Top 10 Coldest Countries around the globe.


The wrath of the severe winters can only be understood by the people living in such harsh conditions, to find out how they are striving to survive let’s discuss the top ten coldest countries of the world. The temperature there starts from the lowest of -20 and even drops further to -89 at times. Even thinking of it, gives you chills and shivers from head to toe. How it cannot! Right?


Estonia is a small state situated in the extreme North of Europe which is the major reason of its extremely low temperature during winters.  Temperature can drop to -18 degree Celsius in severe cold with feet of snow layers covering multiple cities and towns. People of Estonia have to face many challenges to survive the winter hence the area is not densely populated as most of the people preferred migrating to other regions of Europe.


Four months of long winters! That’s some bad news for the Scandinavian people of Finland. And when the temperature there drops to -20 degree Celsius, it makes it almost impossible to carry the normal work routine. During the extreme snowfall or blizzards, the cold gusty winds confined the people to their houses where they have nothing to do but hibernate till it gets normal to step outside.


Mongolia is a small state located in the middle of East and central Asia. It borders Russia and China hence it also shares the impact the climate of their Northern regions. In Mongolia, the winters bring not just snow and winds but it also drops the temperature below than -20-degree centigrade. Especially during the months of February and January, the winter turns its coldest face towards everyone.


Even the name of the country indicates that how cold it can be there. Iceland is another European nation where the normal temperature stays around 0 Degree Celsius and drops drastically too -40 degree during the extremely cold winters. Even in summer, the temperature stays low and people cannot enjoy enough sunlight or warm sunbath, as the country is located in the north so it’s not even imaginable for sun rays to completely penetrate into its cities and towns.


Perhaps the Greenland is not so green as the names indicate. Throughout the year the state stays covered under the blanket of ice and snow. The temperature can only go up in summer and reaches the highest of 7-degree centigrade only. So it’s practically a winter for the year.  Greenland is also the largest island in the world with the coldest temperatures ever recorded.


Comprising of the 50 states, America is a country which has the most diversity in its climatic conditions, it has both the coldest and the hottest regions of the world located in it. Alaska of United States of America is one of the coldest regions of the planet where the temperature drops to -30 degrees in average conditions and in extreme conditions it gets even worse. Alaska is located in the Northeastern region of US, therefore, the state does not receive enough sunlight and is a constant target of heavy snowfall for the most part of the year.


Kazakhstan is at 4th place in the list of top ten coldest countries. It is a small independent territory located at the borders of Russia and shares the same climate. The country comprises of several hills and mountain ranges. Throughout the year, there is heavy rainfall coupled with the snowfall which makes it toughest for the people to live and survive especially for those who are living on high altitudes. With no facilities being provided by the government, natives of the country have to manage it on their own.

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Situated next to the United States of America, Canada is also considered as the coldest state of the planet. As it is located in the north of US, therefore, it receives the same chilly winds as the US does. These chilly winds bring heavy snowfall and drop the temperature to about -40 degrees Celsius. The Northern and eastern parts of the state receive most of the impact of winters and there the winters last for 5 months. But the advancement in infrastructure and technology has made the mode of living easier for the citizens.


russia coldest

Russia is the 2nd coldest country in the world. It is a landlocked Asian state, which is the coldest in the world. Even in extreme summers, the temperature remains around 03 degree Celsius. Imagine how low it could get during extreme winters. Yes! It reaches to less than -40 degrees centigrade in harsh snowy winters. Except for 2 months, there is no sunlight for rest of year. So if you have survived in Russia you can practically survive anywhere.


Antarctica topping the list of Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World. It has nothing but a mass of land covered with layers of polar ice which never melts. The region is so cold that it cannot be inhabited by man. Very few individuals can be seen living there other than them there are just snow and snow loving penguins. The lowest of all temperatures recorded in Antarctic was -89-degree Centigrade.


1. Antarctica -89
2. Russia -45
3. Canada -43
4. Kazakhstan -41
5. United States Of America -40
6. Greenland -40
7. Iceland -25
8. Mongolia -21
9. Finland -20
10. Estonia -18
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