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10 Developed Cities in India


The 10 Top Developed Cities in India.

When considering what Developed means, any city could likely be on this list. When it comes to Developed, what is meant by that is the infrastructure, the innovation, the labor market, growth in manufacturing segments and financial areas.

Growth and development often go hand in hand most times. When you have a higher population, you have a higher workforce, more availability, a wide array of knowledge. A higher population allows the city to improve and invest in further development which then allows for more employment.

India has always been advanced when it comes to innovation and technology. To determine what the top ten cities in India are when it comes to development, we will look at it by checking the Gross Domestic Product. The Gross Domestic Product is an evaluation of how much all items and products are worth in each sector. These totals are taken over a certain period of time. To determine whether it is a top city or not in development, the numbers are compared to the other developed cities,

Top Ten By Numbers

The following cities in India are ranked by the totaled GDP for the time period of evaluation.

1. Mumbai

Mumbai is proudly the number one economic powerhouse in India. Not only is it Number one in India, it is listed as #29 in the world for development! The Gross Domestic Product is a staggering $209 Billion in US funding. Mumbai is also the financial capital of India, as it is home to many of the country’s largest financial services such as the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of India, the National Stock Exchange and the Mint.

This powerhouse city is home to many of the top Indian companies such as TATA Group, Reliance Industries and Essai Group. This is just a few of them. Mumbai is also home to at least 14 million people of various and diverse backgrounds.

2. Delhi


Delhi has a Domestic Gross Product of $167 billion US dollars. Delhi is second rated for good reason, their success in drawing in foriegn investors is climbing.  They are important for the industrial sector, construction, power and communications. With a growing consumer market, and ever growing retail industry it is no wonder they jumped over 11% in Gross Domestic Product since last year.

3. Kolkata

Known as the Old Capital of India, Kolkata continues to climb in economic growth. Industries that lead the way here include Food Processing, steel, mining, pharmaceuticals and agriculture to name a few.

Known as another of India’s financial hubs, it is home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Calcutta also is home to a major International Airport, there is a cycle rickshaw and also Metro Rail that handles much of the transportation needs for tourists and residents. Kolkata is ranked at #42 in the world market.

4. Bangalore

Bangalore has the prominence of being India’s IT capital. For many, this is considered to be India’s Silicon Valley. Infosys, Wipro and also the Indian Space Research Organization, along with the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited resides here in Bangalore.

The transportation infrastructure is what makes Bangalore one of the fastest developing cities in India. Tourists flock to the location for the mild climate, the beautiful architecture and jaw dropping scenery. Bangalore is ranked as the fourth highest developed city in India. The GDP sits at $83 billion USD.

5. Hyderabad

This city is climbing the ranks quickly by means of Gross Domestic Product. Hyderabad is the Education Capital in India. There are 13 Universities and or Business Schools. They are also increasing in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. Over 30% of the workforce in India is employed in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has a very diverse culture with multiple museums, monuments and bazaars. Hyderabad also has the maximum number of special economic zones. This has given them the nickname of ‘The Pearl City’. Their contribution towards India’s Gross Domestic Product sits at $74 billion.

6. Chennai

Chennai is one of the two largest exporters of IT and BPO services. For the most part, the economy of Chennai relies on the transportation Industry. However, there are many other sectors that are of just as great importance for the Gross Domestic Product numbers. Technology, computers and healthcare, as well as manufacturing for textiles, apparel and footwear all take a large part of the contribution to India’s GDP.

7. Ahmedabad-Gujarat

Ahmedabad is home to two of the country’s largest pharmaceuticals. Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceuticals make their home bases in Ahmedabad. The headquarters for many other companies make their home as well here. Textiles, Garments, Automotive and also architecture are all big industries here in Ahmedabad.  Ahmedabad is the largest industrial hub centered in Gujarat.

Most recently, the city has instituted a new system for portable water and also electricity. These efforts help them to continue improving in Gross Domestic Product. Their GDP reaches $52 billion USD.

8. Pune


Lucky for this area, it is close to Mumbai. Not close enough to ride their tails towards high Gross Domestic Product however. This part of India still reaches for the top in all possible manners. They have a perfect climate, in a great environment which is conducive to development. Pune is reaching higher and aims to be the highest for GDP in the mid-level IT companies.

Pune is home to many of the top automotive industries such as Mercedes-Benz, TaTa Group and Robert Bosch. Pune is very diverse and it is of utmost importance to share the culture of each person in their vicinity. Pune is well known to be the largest hub for German Companies in the world. This has lasted for 60 years with the German Companies.

9. Surat

Another city that is situated  in Gujarat. Its main focus is in the petro-chemical sector. It is also known for diamond cutting, The Diamond cutting business is one of the busiest and largest in the world. Steel is also another large contributor to the Gross Domestic Product in Surat. Recently, gold and diamond jewelry, along with real estate, is beginning to become a booming industry in Surat.

Surat is also the location in India that is home to the most embroidery machines. This lends to the fact that 40% of the silk art is manufactured in Surat. The city’s infrastructure has a computerized water distribution and drainage system, recently improved.

10. Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam has one of the largest ports in India. This is the major port for imports and exports in and out of India.

This city is also known for some of the biggest International banking firms and technologies. Visakhapatnam is known as a naturally beautiful city, real estate is constantly on the upswing and continues to grow. The harbor and port are well used for fishing.

The city is also used as a hub for iron ore and many other minerals which are exported to China. With a Gross Domestic Product of $26 billion USD, Visakhapatnam has been granted the status of being the 10th developed city in India.

India and The Economy

In all actuality, India is growing and further improving consistently. Their main modes of creating financial means in the country include IT, finance, architecture and manufacturing. The infrastructure is improving as well, with many locations improving the water and sewer systems in their regions. Textiles and real estate are also industries that are climbing steadily.

India has gorgeous views, beautiful architecture. They strive to be culturally diverse and make an effort to create monuments, museums, and National Parks that draw the tourists to the country. Considering what the world has been through in the last few years, you have to hand it to India for staying on course. They continue to expand their industries, draw in more investments and improve the employment for the area also.

As of 2021, India has the sixth largest nominal GDP in the world and has the third largest purchasing power in the world. The Gross Domestic Product statistics help the government determine the economic health of the country in terms of income, exports investments, along with the expenditures from each sector. This gives a clearer picture of how well the country is doing economically.

If there are also improvements and advancements in the infrastructure, the water plants etc…Those benefit the results in the statistics. The GDP also helps investors to follow their portfolios more closely as this will provide guidance in regards to the state of the economy.

The Gross Domestic Product is a great measure for the economy of any country, along with the improvements in research and quality of said data. The research is working on finding measures that strengthen the Gross Domestic Product statistics. This will then make the Gross Domestic Product statistics a more efficient and comprehensive manner of understanding the economy of each country.

What can be said is that since 2000, India has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In 2019, India’s economy grew at an increase of 5%. This is in large part due to the increased diversification that has been made across all the sectors, rather than putting more focus on one sector, they increase all sectors.

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