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10 Diamond Producing Countries in the World

Diamond Producing Countries
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Diamond Producing Countries in the World,

Diamond is the most beautiful and precious stone that enhances the beauty of the wearer. It compliments with every dress, and its elegance is un-matchable. It is considered as the symbol of pure love, status and royalty. Diamond producing countries are blessed to have them as their presence ensures the robust economy of the particular country. Initially, its reserves were only found in Africa and supplied around the world but now other continents have also started exploration and produce diamonds. But African countries are still considered to be producing 65 % of the world’s diamond.

Following is the list of top 10 world largest diamond producing countries:


Russia is the largest diamond producing country in the world and contributes to the 25% of total. Al ROSA is the company busy in diamond exploration there. This is also because Russia has the world’s largest mining industries.The diamonds produced in Russia are not only of high quality but also get high appraisal value global markets.


Botswana contributes 20% of the global diamond supply globally, half of government’s revenue comes from this industry. Diamond’s industry contributes 40% to the country’s GDP rate. JWANENG is the world’s biggest diamond mine with high reserves present in Botswana.


Although Congo is Africa’s largest diamond producing country, there had been a sharp decline in the production process. The Congo is no doubt has high diamond reserves, but only a small area has only been explored till now. In 2000 9 million carats were produced by a private ventured company named MIBA but the production kept on fluctuating between high and low due to political tensions in the region of Kasai over the years.


Australia is highly known for its colored diamond’s production.It is famous for its pink, red, purple and some of the finest yellow diamonds, but their clarity is much poor than others high transparent or white diamonds. The largest diamond mine in Australia is Argyle producing annually 12 million carats of diamonds. This mine is full of pink and red diamonds. Another mine in Australia is Ellendale, which produces finest yellow diamonds. So it is place at the fourth postion in the list of top 10.


Surprisingly Canada wasn’t found in this list before 1991 when in the northwest territory diamonds were suspected to be present, and today Canada is one of the leading diamond’s producers. Canada has four active mines named: Diavik, Ekati, Snaplake and Victor. In the year of 2013, Canada produced 10.6 million carats that placed it on the fifth in the top 10 list.

Most of Zimbabwe’s countryside was explored for diamonds. Zimbabwe produced 10.4 millions carats of a diamond that valued at 538.5 million in 2013. Zimbabwe biggest mine is Murowa operated by Rio Tinto company. The Zimbabwean diamonds, when washed, shaped and cleared, give a tint of green and brown.


Angola is estimated to have total diamond reserves of 180 millions carats located at provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. Its recent diamond production is estimated to be 9.4 Million Carats. The biggest mine of Angola is Cato ca. This mine produces 7 million carats of diamonds annually.


In South Africa, perfectly round diamonds high in white color and quality are produced. The best Cullinan diamond that has lowest carbon proportion is found in South Africa. It is also home to most amazing blue and pink diamonds. It has a most diverse range of diamond deposits. Its total rough diamond production is 8.1 million carats annually.


Namibia is ranked at 9th potion in the list of top ten world largest diamond’s producing countries. Namibia’s economic sector includes mining, manufacturing and agriculture. It is also known to have plenty of diamond reserves. In fact, Namibia greatly depends upon its mineral and diamond production. It contributes 1.3% of world’s diamond’s supply which amount to about $1.4 billion.


The South American country of Brazil stands 10th on the list. It is though least player in diamonds production. Nevertheless, it makes 0.5 % of the world’s diamonds showing its significance in the global mining industry.

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