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10 Greenest Nations in the World



Greenest Nations in the World.

The world is trying to go green and attempting to adopt renewable energy solutions and reduce carbon-making activities to overcome the global warming effects.

Thus, in a drive to go green and reduce pollution and global warming, the countries are trying to develop alternatives using solar and wind-drawn energy instead of oil and gas consumption to produce electricity.

The environmental performance index has ranked the ten countries that have successfully achieved environmental conservation and has increased forestation schemes and also have improved their environmental policies. Following is the list of the top ten countries with the most greenery.


Colombia is a South American country that has also implemented green energy solutions.IT in the past suffered the effects of deforestation but it learned from its mistake, and it has taken initiative and launched a forestation scheme. It is using the bamboo for construction of the projects than steel and is also using Eco-friendly products.s

9. CUBA:

Cuba is the country that has implemented environmental policies to reduce carbon emissions. The state has also reduced the use of insecticides and pesticides. The nation generates electricity by the water resources. Additionally, the government is trying for soil conservation by lowering the sea level.


Austria is another green country and has green energy policies that are very effective. The state has collaborated with the Czech Republic to create the Eco Gardens on the border of both countries. These gardens include herbs, fruits, flowers, and other beautiful plants.


France is another greenish country full of gardens and trees. France is also conserving the environment by the use of renewable energy. It uses Eco-fuel efficiently does organic farming, and uses solar power. The French government has also reduced the taxes on solar panels to encourage more buyers.


Mauritius is placed sixth in the list of the world’s most greenish countries. It is an evergreen country. Extremely environmental friendly state with pure waters and the electricity is also produced by the hydroelectricity.

Mauritius is a beautiful country, and the government of the small country does not allow cutting of the trees, and more efforts are made to make it green for an attraction of tourism.


Norway is the fifth most green country in the world. It is also one of the beautiful greenish countries. Norway is acting very fast in protecting and conserving the environment. It has also made green energy solutions.

The northern part of the country is close to the Arctic region and has recently faced considerable effects of global warming. It is recycling the material and disposing of the waste in the proper manner.


Sweden is the 4th most greenish country in the world. It produces the world’s best eco-friendly products. The people of Sweden are much are of the implementation of the policies of an environment, and the people are targeting to reduce the use of fossil fuel by 2020.

It has taken many measures to increase greenery and forestation. The state has implemented a large number of green policies and prevented people from global warming.

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Costa Rica is the 3rd most greenish county. It is green heaven it is a small nation but is doing great things by keeping the country evergreen It is appreciable on a part of a small country. It has implemented sound environmental policies.

The government has recently set a goal to reduce carbon by 2021. The state is also increasing 5 million trees were planted in the last few years. Gigantic forestation schemes and policies.


Switzerland is the second most greenish country in the world. The civil society of the country loves to make efforts to keep the country green. All efforts are adopted to save energy and use environment-friendly techniques to produce energy and electricity.

The Swiss people use cars very little, and travel on public transport and bicycles and in some towns cars are entirely banned.


Iceland is the most greenish country in the world having the largest green places. It is called the green destination in the world. It is filled with green pasture and its beauty is breathtaking, and a person stands flabbergasted starring at its scenes.

It’s a geothermal way to generate electricity, and its pollution is very less the air is pure and the country has a lot of plantations. The primary energy resources are renewable, and 82% of the population uses this method. It also encourages the countries for recycling while it does so, it also uses Eco-fuel, uses green products, and prevents pollution making activities.

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