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10 Honey Producing Countries in the World


Honey Producing

Honey Producing Countries in the World

Honey is the most precious of nature’s gift to us which miraculously honey bees produce for us. It is the favorite of all and contain such nutrients and minerals which we need in our bodies and is essential to be a part of our daily diet. Some people love to have honey with the milk some like to use it as the alternative to sugar as it has fewer calories than sugar while others like to take honey for breakfast. It is the part of the medicines and is a natural cure for many diseases.A honey bee is estimated t fly 500 miles to produce a half teaspoon of the honey.

Regarding and appreciating a tireless efforts of honeybees the month of September has been regarded and celebrated as the honey month.In a month of September it is harvested and usually accumulated and give more prosperity to beekeeping industry throughout the world.


Pakistan despite its mediocre economic and financial conditions is successful in producing a plenty of its amount. It produces the very best quality. The producers use the artificial methods to obtain and increase the annual honey production.The Honey produced in Pakistan is obtained from small honey’s bee which is considered as a good quality golden honey. Pakistan only exports a little quantity of honey, and much of it is consumed domestically.


Honey is the major part of Chinese medical industry. People of China are very much fond of eating money. It is produced here with full of rich nutrients and is also a big part of bakery items. China is also one of the major exporters of the world. As it is the major antioxidant and is also used in building up resistance to diseases.So the honey is the part of Chinese cuisine and medicine from past many centuries.


Ethiopia’s economy holds a share of the production of 39,000 total productions. Moreover, it is the biggest producer among African countries and fourth largest beeswax producer in the world. Despite the use of old harvest techniques it has managed to be the part of the top ten list. They mostly produce honeycomb, beeswax and honey itself. It also provides a large amount of white and Ethiopian honey. They export it to the most of the European country.


India being the neighbor of Pakistan also produces the huge amount of it. Special Fields are being prepared for the production of the pure and high-quality honey. The producers use natural methods for its production. It was discovered in India from 2000 BC to 3000 BC according to their holy book Vedas. Their forest honey only yields 10,000 tons each year.


Orange blossom and Avocado is the best honey’s flavors found in Mexico. From the times of ancient Mayans, it is the part if Mexican cuisine. Americanized bees’ honey is the major source in Mexico. The Mexico has the credit of producing colorful honey which depends on the nectar or flower color from which it is extracted. It is ranked at number 6 on this list f production of 56,800 total volume.


Russians were initially very fond of the honey but after the Soviet collapse their tastes changed and the food market was also occupied with other products like chocolates, jams, and pancakes. But Russia has not forgotten the honey’s importance as to use it as the sweetener in preparing honey milk and also they use it making antiseptics. Russia produces the large sum of it yearly about 53000 volume of it but the consumption in Russia locally is much less due its high prices, but Russian honey is largely exported as well.


Spain is a well known agricultural country but also has a well-known beekeeping industry. Honey in Spain is produced in large quantity every year. The export of it is also carried out at large scale throughout the world. Spain’s famous Vitalis syrup is exported widely. In Spain, one can find a multi-flower honey, and there are a vast variety and tastes. The best quality of it is produced in Spain is in the Galicia where it is made of blackberry, chestnut, and Heathier.


Honey in the USA is produced at large quantity differing in taste and colors as well. Though the USA has faced droughts in the past and dry areas are immense, yet the producing companies have somehow maintained the production of it is privately at large scale. Minnesota and Dakota are the top most producing areas of USA. More than 200 types of it are produced, having their distinctive tastes and health advantages. There are about 200 varieties of it are produced in the USA. It has produced 82000 volume per year which is no doubt a huge sum.


About 140 honey producing units are working in the South Africa. The government of the south Africa is providing the large sum of it and also provide large money grants for its extraction. It.It exports a large sum of it, and it has become a one of the biggest South Africa’s economy supporter.


Turkey is the top best honey-producing country in the whole world. It has the best pine honey’s production of the world. About 92% of pine honey’s produced in the Aegean region.The Turkey has also received the certificate of one of the best organic producer in the world. One of the best things is that the turkey is not only the biggest producer but also the most major consumer of the world, this means that the turkey’s people are much appreciative regarding their products.

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