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12 million doses to 17 African countries – COVAX vaccine deliveries so far

A joint WHO and UNICEF team welcome COVAX shipment in The Gambia

The COVAX equitable vaccine distribution program has so far delivered 12 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to a total of 17 African countries as of today, March 6, 2021.

According to Matshidiso Moeti, head of the World Health Organization, WHO’s Africa region, six of the 17 countries have so far started vaccination.

The most recent recipient of doses is Djibouti, which is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Region according to WHO classification. Majority of the countries served so far fall in the sub-Saharan region.

Most countries are receiving the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines. Only Rwanda has received the AstraZeneca shots along with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines which require extremely cold conditions for storage.

The highest consignment so far has gone to Nigeria with close to 4 million doses delivered days ago. Vaccination kicked off yesterday whiles the president Muhammadu Buhari received his coronavirus shot publicly today at the presidency.

The seventeen served nations are listed below – in no particular order:

Ghana – 600,000 AstraZeneca shots

Ivory Coast – 500,000

Nigeria – 3.92 million

Angola – 624,000

Democratic Republic of Congo – 1,700,000

Kenya – 1,000,000

The Gambia – 36,000

Rwanda – 240,000 AstraZeneca shots, 102,960 Pfizer shots

Djibouti – undisclosed

Sao Tome and Principe’ – 24,000

Senegal- 324,000

Malawi – 360,000

Mali – 396,000

Sudan – 800,000

Uganda – 864,000

Liberia – 96,000

Lesotho – 36,000