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14 Unique Modes Of Transportation in the World!


The 14 Unique Modes Of Transportation in the World!

Buses, subways, local trains, and cabs are such a thing of the past! If you are a passionate traveler, if you really want to experience the culture of a place, TripHobo recommends you hop onto any one of the following unique modes of transportation around the world and have a ride of your life!

Bamboo Train, Cambodia

Bamboo Train, Cambodia

A makeshift mode of transport in Cambodia, the bamboo train, as its name suggest, is made of bamboo. It can travel upto a speed of 40 kilometres per hour and is one of the most efficient and cheap ways to travel around the country and definitely an unusual mode of transportation, don’t you agree?

Barco de Totora, Peru

Totora Boats

Made of reed, the Barco de Totora or Totora Boats are built by the locals staying around Lake Titicaca. They are made to resemble the form of a dragon. While in Peru, hop aboard one and explore the magnificent lake.

Coco Taxi, Cuba

Coco Taxi

The next time you visit Havana, do explore the city in a Coco Taxi. The taxi is called Coco because it resembles the form of a coconut! A two-seater, three-wheeler and with a 75cc moped engine, the Coco Taxi is a bit noisy, but relatively cheaper than regular taxi.

Jeepney, Philippines


While in Philippines, travel as the locals do! The Jeepneys are known for their crowded seating and their vibrant decorations. Some of the decorations and patterns of Jeepneys are so popular that they have become a symbol of Philippine art!  A fun fact- Jeepneys were made from US Military jeeps that were left back after World War II.

Mokoro, Botswana


Mokoro is a type of dug-out canoe which is commonly used in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It is made by using wood from trees such as ebony, kigelia (sausage tree) and African teaks.

Tuk Tuk, Thailand

Tuk Tuk

The sputtering sounds you hear as soon as you land in Thailand are the ones made by Tuk-Tuks! These three-wheelers can be found navigating the streets of many cities in Thailand. Taking at least one ride in a Tuk Tuk is compulsory if you want to have a genuine Thailand experience!

Beer Bike, Amsterdam

Beer Bike

Known by many names such as Beer Bike, Boris bus, Cycle bar or Mobile bar, this ride is sure to leave you high! Cycle along the canals of Amsterdam while pedalling with your friends all the while enjoying a drink!

Burro Taxi, Mijas

Burro Taxi

A cart pulled by the humble donkey, thats what a Burro taxi is all about. Explore the bylanes of the picturesque town of Mijas, Spain on this mode of transport. Infact, Mijas is famous for its donkey taxis. However, it has received a lot of criticism from animal welfare activists.

Chiva Express, Ecuador

Chiva Express

An amusing form of public transport in Ecuador, the Chiva Express is a bus that rides mostly on rails, like a train! It connects the beautiful mountains of the country to the picturesque seashores. This mode of transportation is no longer used by locals though. It serves mostly as a tourist attraction.

Auto Rickshaw, India

Auto Rickshaw

You will find many of these three-wheelers navigating the traffic on the streets of India. A popular mode of transport in the metro cities, the Auto Rickshaw is a three-seater vehicle and you will find it painted in vivid colours of yellow, green and black.

DUKW, United Kingdom


Ever wanted to ride in a James Bond-style vehicle? One which runs on land and floats on water? Your search ends here! The DUKW (pronounced Duck) is a brilliant machine and was designed by the United States of America for the transportation of men and machinery over land and sea during WWII. Today, Duck Tours are offered in Central London where visitors get to ride through popular London landmarks and then float right into River Thames. What a fun and odd mode of transportation! Who wouldn’t want to ride in this?

Cyclo, Vietnam


The Cyclo is a three-wheel bicycle taxi that appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period. Today, it is mostly operational in the capital city of Hanoi. When you hire a Cyclo, make sure you negotiate the fare in advance.

Dog Sled, Alaska

Dog Sled

In Alaska, the age-old mode of transport, Dog Sled is still in use- but mainly as a tourist attraction. The sled is pulled by a pack of 4 to 6 highly trained dogs. Visit in winters as it is the best time for sledding.

Felucca, Egypt


An integral part of Egyptian culture, Feluccas are traditional sailboats made out of wood. Depending highly on breeze and wind directions, these boats have been around for thousands of years. Over the centuries, despite modernization and mechanized boats, the felucca has remained the primary transportation of the Nile River. Making it definitely one of the most rich, historical and interesting mode of transportation of all times.

Feel the wind blowing through your hair while on a bamboo train, freeze your a** off while travelling on a Dog Sled, fight for a place to sit on a Jeepney, feel adrenalin pumping while you try to balance yourself on a Mokoro, get intoxicated on a Beer Bike and watch out for donkey dump while on a Burro taxi! Which unique mode of transportation do you want to board on your next vacation?

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