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20 African Countries with the Slowest Internet Speeds



African Countries with the Slowest Internet Speeds.

Cable has compiled new data which they extracted from 63 million broadband speeds around the world and it has some interesting insights.

Somalia tops the list of the slowest internet speeds in Africa with a mean download speed of 0.60 mbps (megabit per second) the country is ranked 197th (4th worst) in the world and is worst in Africa. According to the report, it is estimated to take 18 hours 56 minutes and 26 seconds to download a typical HD movie (5GB). The country is only ahead of countries like Turkmenistan, east timor and yemen.

Guinea has the second slowest internet speed in Africa with a mean download speed of 0.65 mbps.

Rounding up the last 5 in Africa include: Burkina Faso (0.84 mbps), Niger (0.83 mbps), Mauritania (0.70 mbps), Guinea (0.65,mbps).

Below are the top 20 African countries with the slowest internet speeds

Mbps = (megabit per second)

20. Egypt 1.33, mbps

19. Cameroon, 1.29 mbps

18. Togo, 1.27 mbps

17. Swaziland, 1.26 mbps

16. Algeria, 1.25 mbps

15. Benin, 1.23 mbps

14. Malawi, 1.17 mbps

13. Gabon, 1.13 mbps

12. Sao tome & principe, 1.13 mbps

11. Ethiopia, 1.13 mbps

10. Mayotte, 0.95 mbps

9. Mali, 0.95 mbps

8. Djibouti, 0.92 mbps

7. Congo, 0.86 mbps

6. Rep. Congo, 0.85 mbps

5. Burkina Faso, 0.84 mbps

4. Niger, 0.83 mbps

3. Mauritania, 0.70 mbps

2. Guinea, 0.65 mbps

1. Somalia, 0.60 mbps

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