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20 Weird Restaurants in the World


The Weird Restaurants in the World

When you love food more than you love people, you want your dining experience to be memorable. And the world is at your service! There are many weird restaurants around the globe that are worth visiting simply for the experience. Here are some of the wackiest of the lot:

20. Witches in Britches, Melbourne, Australia

A theatre restaurant which looks like Halloween all year round! It’s been catering to Melbourne for over 26 years. It’s a quirky restaurant for those who like their food with a side of gothic-style exaggerated theatrics. Its time for a gastronomically gothic gala!

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Image Source: witchesinbritches.com

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19. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

It’s a toilet-themed restaurant. We’re not shitting you (see what we did there?). The chairs are actual non-functional toilets. The walls have chequered tiles and shower heads. The dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls; the drinks in miniature urinals. Plungers hang from the ceiling as do lights in the shape of faeces. Gross or positively inspired? You be the judge!

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18. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India

If dining with the dead is your wish, the New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad caters. No, seriously people eat beside actual graves. The owner, Krishnan Kutti, decided to set up the restaurant accommodating an old Muslim graveyard rather than disturb the final resting place of the unnamed dead. There have been no reports of ghost sightings till now so it might be worth a visit!

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17. Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia

Everyone in this offbeat restaurant in Moscow, every waiter, bartender and chef, is an identical twin. They even have to dress alike. The restaurant, according to the owner Alexei Khodorkovsky, has been inspired by a 1964 Soviet film about, you guess it, twins! Talk about a novel concept!

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16. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA

A hospital-themed restaurant where the food actually might get you hospitalised! The tagline of this weird restaurant is “taste worth dying for” and it’s pretty apt! The most famous item on their menu is the quadruple bypass burger which contains four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon. The waitresses are dressed as nurses and might make you feel a bit better about digging into all that food with shameless abandon. Because who needs to be fit when the food is so yummy? Explore more such places in 3 days in Las Vegas.

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15. Dinner in the Sky, Various cities

If you suffer from vertigo, you probably should not go to this restaurant. The name is literal. There’s a portable table and attached chairs that are hoisted 100 ft above the ground. The table seats 22 people and they watch as a chef prepares their food right in front of them as they hover in mid-air. It started out in Belgium and is now present in cities across the world like Las Vegas, Paris and Malaysia. It’ll be one thrilling food story that you’d love to tell!

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14. Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

Of all the places in the world, Japan is possibly the weirdest; think over the top TV programmes, to sleeping on the job being completely normal. So it doesn’t surprise us in the least that they came up with the concept of a robot restaurant. It comes equipped with headache-inducing neon lights, thumping music and half naked women fighting cyborgs. Indeed weirdest of them all!

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13. Ice Restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A chilly place for a chilled hangout, this Ice Restaurant will give you a taste of what it feels like to feed amidst glaciers. No really! Everything in this restaurant has been made of ice, from seating and tables to uniquely designed interiors which are well illuminated to give it a touch of opulence. Even the drinks are served in ice glasses. It is the first of its kind venture in the middle east, put forth by Sharaf Group. The temperature is below six degrees so make sure to put on a warm coat before arriving!

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

12. Alcatraz E.R., Japan

Ever wonder what it is like to be in a prison. Of course being cramped up in a bar cell is not something we would like to experience in our real life, but there is one place in the world that will let you have a gist of it. Alcatraz E.R. restaurant in Japan is a grotesque version of a mental institution where you will be served your food amidst a scary setting of blood and gore. If that hasn’t had you tremble in fear yet, watch out for the food which will be equally unappetizing coming out of mannequin heads and bedpan urinals. The Restaurant has been designed to give you a shiver and so far, it has done a commendable job at it. Visit it if you dare!

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

11. Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

Set up at 16 feet below the sea level, this popular one of a kind restaurant is located in the Rangali Island Resort, and provides you with an experience unlike ever before. You get to eat in a cosy intimate room surrounded by millions of fishes and marines whom you will be gazing at through its clear glass walls. If watching them is not enough for you, you can eat them too! The food served here, with its quintessential coastal flavours, is a true delight that is not to be missed.

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media gallery 2017 02 7 0

10. Ninja, New York, United States

Whether the restaurant was borne out of the owner’s love for those age old ninja legends or due to his penchant for unusualness we would never know, but one thing for sure, its is probably one of the most creative concepts that have hit the city in the recent years. Just imagine yourself being led through a dark dingy alley aka ‘Secret Passage’ by some black-clad ninja warriors only to be dumped in a dungeon-like a room where you are served some very exciting yet drool-worthy combinations of flavours. If that’s not enough for you, the ninjas will also be showing some nice magic tricks to keep you entertained for the rest of the evening. Sounds exciting right?


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9. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero, Philippines

If eating and having a foot bath together is the idea of fun for you then look no further! The Labassin waterfall restaurant has covered it all. Only open for lunch, this buffet style restaurant serves an elaborate experience wrapped in extreme deliciousness with a touch of nature. Situated just beside a waterfall (a man-made one), it will let you delve into a range of local flavours as the water underneath your feet will soothe you down. Who would mind getting wet when there is so much on the platter?

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

8. Barbie restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

More than bizarre and weird, this restaurant in Taipei is a cliche come true with everything being heavily doped in sweetness, cuteness and shall we call it… pink-ness? Don’t get me wrong, if you get past the colour, the place is pretty fun to be in, especially if you are a girl. Not to stereotype, but it will let you relive those old childhood barbie-playing days with its perfect setting of pink tutu adorned chairs accompanied by pink wearing, tiara-donning waitresses who serve some of the most lip-smacking food in the city.

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media gallery 2017 02 7 0

7. The Royal Dragon, Bangkok, Thailand

If there is one thing you must know about the place is that it is massive! Sprawled over an area of 8.35 acres and decked with over 1000 staff, this restaurant is known to serve around 5000 customers every day. And that’s not it! The variety of food served here is equally exaggerating spanning around 1000 pan-Asian dishes. Coming here is like plunging into a wave of spectacle with all the music, dance and martial arts performances performed here. Don’t be surprised to find a waiter or two flinging through the air or walking on water to get your orders, it is commonplace here.

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6. Dans Le Noir, (In the dark)

It is a popular chain of a restaurant serving in three different cities- Paris, London and Moscow, and gaining recognition for its quirky albeit significant take on food culture. Established by an interesting duo- Edouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond who believe that the food is best consumed where all your senses are at play, the place offers a vast variety of food to its guests in a completely darkened room to have a blind dining experience. Even the staff hired are visually-impaired to back the concept. A much recommended for anyone who has never tried this before!

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

5. Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has always been known for being over the top in whatever it throws at you. Food is no different either! Or at least not in Cabbages and Condoms. Appalling for some, quirky for many, dining in this uniquely themed restaurant can be one hell of an experience that is if you don’t mind being surrounded by condoms throughout your feed. There are dummies- all artistically dressed (any guess with what?), and then there are staff members serving you food while wearing ‘It’ on their heads. And as you leave the restaurant wondering what the hell was that, get ready to be offered some condoms instead of mint, because hey! who needs mint when you can have some latex?



4. The Safe House, Milwaukee

If it is the adventure that sails your boat then this is the place for you. The Safe House has been entertaining its guests since 1966 when the restaurant was forged as a wacky fun idea of its owner David J. Baldwin who shares an enormous love for spy and mystery. The fact can be seen in the collection of artefacts and decor along with its enticing range of spy-themed food that will just spike your hunger even more. But wait, if you think getting entrance to The Safe House is easy, you are wrong. You won’t be getting in unless you crack the test to prove you are not a double agent. So, up for a challenge?   media gallery 2017 02 7 0

media gallery 2017 02 7 0 media gallery 2017 02 7 0

3. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

Italy is all about elegance, beauty and fun and the restaurant of Grotta Palazzese resembles it perfectly. Despite being set up in a limestone cave, this sea-side restaurant is a much-revered dining destination among people who wish to spend some serene moments alone. It is not only the most romantic but the oldest as well, being in the picture since the 1700s. The food, hiked up with the local flavours and modern touch only adds to it. With stunning views, unique setting and over the top service, you will find yourself coming here again.

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

media gallery 2017 02 7 0

2. Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Thailand

The name says it all! Just like a bird’s nest perched high up in a tree, this little tree pod restaurant sits in a quaint location on one of the many trees in the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort of Thailand. The idea was to create a unique dining experience where the guests can relish their food while being hoisted up at least 16 feet above the ground. And the best part of it (besides the panoramic view of the surrounding of course!) is letting all those lip smacking food delivered to you by zip-lining waiters. It’s crazy I know! Well as much as it is fun.

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

1. The Bubble Room, Captiva, Florida, USA

Enchanting, vibrant and all colourful, this is one restaurant in the world where the spirit of Christmas never ends. The place is decked up with toys, posters and candies from top to bottom and has been designed in a way that will throw you back in time when Christmas was all awaited and cherished. And while the range of food served here is enough to go gaga over, it’s the desserts where the magic actually lies in. You would never know what it is like to taste heaven unless you have dug into some of those delicious cheesecakes!

media gallery 2017 02 7 0media gallery 2017 02 7 2

media gallery 2017 02 7 2

Dining experiences don’t get quirkier than this. Been to any of these unusual restaurants? Why don’t you tell us about your visit in the comments? Till then, bon appetit!

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