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3 Universities in Korea With No Application Fees For Foreigners



Universities in Korea With No Application Fees For Foreigners.

Studying abroad is the dream of many people, but going through the admission process can turn the dream into a nightmare. Gathering the paperwork, sending the documents, preparing for the interview, writing an essay… And then doing it all again if you want to apply for more than one university!

However, the toughest part for most international students is budgeting and having enough money to pay for the whole process. In Korea, most universities will ask you to pay an application fee during the admission process.

As we know every penny counts, especially as a student, here we’ll give you a hand by sharing a list of Korean universities that don’t have application fees.

Application fees in Korean universities go from $60 to $150. This could be insignificant for some, but international students usually apply to multiple universities to increase the chances of being admitted.

After doing their research and determining to which universities they will apply, students usually have a list of 5 to 8 universities. And if they pay application fees in all of them, their budget for the admission process may vary from $300 to over $1000!

If you want to save some money and have quality education at the same time, check our list of Korean universities that don’t have application fees.

List of Korean Universities without Application Fees


The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) is located in one of the largest cities of Korea, Ulsan. This public university is perfect for those who are passionate about technology and science, as it has multiple graduate and undergraduate schools of engineering and science. It also has an innovative research center, as well as research activities and groups.

UNIST is perfect for international students as its programs were designed to promote globalization. All their courses are taught in English, and students must choose at least two concentration areas. Their campus is residential, with over 3,000 students from all around the world living there, so making friends and getting to know other cultures will be unavoidable.

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Admission is made in 5 phases. You’ll start your application online by registering and providing the information required. Then, you’ll have to gather all the documents that have to be submitted. All of them must be in English, and as UNIST courses are taught in this language, you’ll have to include an English proficiency test certification (unless you are a native English speaker).

Once you have all your documents, you can send them by mail or take them in person to the university. One perk is that you don’t have to pay any application fees when you apply to UNIST!

After the arrival of your documents, the waiting period starts. Each application will be evaluated, and some will have to undergo a phone interview if necessary. The process ends with the announcement of results.

When you register online, during the first phase, you’ll see the application fee exemption, which means you won’t have to pay a single dollar for your application! UNIST also offers different scholarships for international students, so make sure to check their website if you need financial aid. And don’t forget to read all the information they have there to make a successful (and free) application!

2. Pukyong National University

We move from Ulsan to Busan, one of the largest cities of Korea, only surpassed by Seoul. Here there is Pukyong National University (PKNU), which was founded over 20 years ago and has a breath-taking campus. Or should we say campuses? 

PKNU has two campuses which are very close to the Sea of Japan, in the Nam district. There you’ll be able to enjoy their three libraries and eight research institutes. It also has a museum, a radiological monitoring station and its own system of buses.

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However, PKNU is much more than its campus! Even though they are mostly known for specializing in fisheries sciences, this university has 6 colleges. It has departments of humanities and social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, business administration, and of course, fisheries sciences.

The admission process is explained in detail on the Admission Guidebook, available on their website. Once you have all the documents required, including the application form, you’ll have to send them by mail. Everything must be translated into English or Korean and notarized.

The process will start by validating the authenticity of the documents sent. Then, there will be an Academic Ability Evaluation, where they will evaluate the documents and interviews (or additional documents sent, depending on the case). Once all the right candidates have been accepted, they will be notified. That’s when payments are made and international students can apply for a D-2 visa.

In the section number 8 of the guidebook, where tuition is explained, you’ll see that there is no application fee! PKNU also offers scholarships and has a great Korean course available for international students.

3. Kumoh National Institute of Technology

The Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded by Park Chung-hee, who was president of South Korea between 1963 and 1979. This college specializes in engineering, with 15 engineering departments. It also has departments of architecture, chemistry and IT convergence. Besides the engineering college, KIT has a business administration college and a natural sciences college.

The two campuses of this university are full of life, having 45 student clubs and over 7,000 students. They have dormitories available for 2,500 students, and there are great facilities to enjoy college life, such as a little theater and a gallery.

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If you’d like to study in KIT, the admission process is done in three steps. You’ll have to go to their website and make the online application. There you’ll find the list of 10 documents you have to submit, which must be in English or Korean. Once you have them, submit your documents by mail.

It is possible that you will be asked to make an interview if the department requires it, but it isn’t mandatory. Lastly, candidates will be chosen and notified by the admission committee.

When you visit their website, you’ll be able to see all the requirements in detail. The admission section explains that they have no application fees and that they offer scholarships for international students that are candidates of Master’s and Doctorates.

Interested in studying in Korea but not sure what to do? Our team can help! We offer paid admissions service for international students who want to study in Korea. We charge a fee to help with everything from choosing the appropriate university, helping with the admission application, and application for Korean student visa.

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