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31-Year-Old Nigerian Man Dies After Allegedly Swallowing Drugs During Arrest in South Africa, Two Other Nigerian Nationals Shot Dead



31-Year-Old Nigerian Man Dies After Allegedly Swallowing Drugs During Arrest in South Africa, Two Other Nigerian Nationals Shot Dead

Three Nigerian nationals have died under different circumstances in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) on Wednesday, January 5, said that a 31-year-old Nigerian man identified as Kingsley Ezeh, died after allegedly swallowing drugs in Johannesburg.

Spokesperson Grace Langa said Johannesburg metro police officers were patrolling along Selby on Tuesday, when they noticed a red VW Polo parked, with a window opened as the driver was talking to someone outside the car.

“The driver of the Polo was giving the guy something that looked like drugs. The members approached the Polo and the guy next to the window ran away. The Polo also drove off and the police followed the vehicle and stopped it,” Langa said.

“Police searched the vehicle and drugs were found inside. The driver indicated that the drugs belonged to his brother. The suspect was arrested and put inside the police vehicle to show the police where his brother was. When the brother noticed the police he ran away, took out drugs from his front body and swallowed them. He then collapsed. An ambulance was summoned to the scene and they declared him dead,” she said.

In a separate incident in Kempton Park, Ipid said a Nigerian suspect was killed following a shootout with the police on Monday, January 3.

It was gathered that a Nigerian national identified simply as Ajence, was shot and killed assassination style by some assailants said to be Nigerians, opposite Engen garage, on central Street Kempton Park at about 12pm.

According to Langa, a police captain allegedly witnessed a shooting incident in Central Avenue, Kempton Park.

“It is alleged that he heard the gunshots looked back and he saw people running away opposite Engen garage and he made a U-turn. He further alleged that he saw four suspects carrying guns running towards a white BMW 1 series get into the vehicle and drove away. That is when he took out his service pistol 9mm Z88 and fired 3 rounds towards the BMW,” she said.

Langa said the officer tried to chase the vehicle but they escaped and he went back to where the person was shot.

He called the ambulance and that unknown person was certified dead by the paramedics and later he was identified as Ajence, a Nigerian national.

She said two sergeants from Kempton Park policing, heard the lookout message over the police radio and spotted the BMW on the R24 driving recklessly and they chased the vehicle down. A shootout ensued between the police and the suspects.

“The shooting started from Kempton Park on R24 until near Gillooly’s interchange. Three suspects, all Nigerian nationals, were arrested. The fourth suspect also Nigerian national was found dead next to where the white BMW had parked,” said Langa.

31-year-old Nigerian man dies after allegedly swallowing drugs during arrest in South Africa, two other Nigerian nationals shot dead

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