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4 Touching Moments From Shona Ferguson’s Memorial


Shona and Connie

The memorial service of local actor and producer Shona Ferguson took place on Friday, 6 August.

The star, who died on 30 July from Covid-related complications, was laid to rest during a private funeral service on Wednesday.

On Friday, friends and family came together to bid a final farewell to the much-loved star. Emceed by actor Sello Maake Ka-Ncube, the service included performances by Judith Sephuma, Shona’s daughter Alicia, and a special word from his wife, Connie.

Here are four memorable moments from the memorial service of Shona Ferguson:

1. ‘I miss him terribly’ – Connie Ferguson remembers Shona

A teary-eyed Connie Ferguson took to stage to remember her husband. “I have been loved by God, more than I even thought was possible. Because God sent me an angel, at a time where I think I had given up on love,” she said, speaking about the first time she met Shona.

“The connection was immediate,” she recalled.

The actor opened up about a text message from her husband that she came across during his final days in hospital. “He used to send me random text messages. We did that a lot when we weren’t working, or when we weren’t at the same place together, and he crossed my mind, or I crossed his mind, he would just text something silly, or we would just text ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you, my skat’, whatever. But we found a way to stay connected.”

“I miss him terribly in the physical. I think that’s my biggest struggle,” Connie said with her hand to her chest.

“My biggest struggle is not so much that he’s been elevated to glory, because I believe he’s been elevated to glory. My biggest struggle is I wake up in the morning, and I still hope to see him. I still hope to hear him say, ‘Skat, what do you want to eat?’ Because he fed me. I’m still wanting to see him come to set randomly to just come check on everyone and check on me. I miss his big hugs – nobody hugged like my husband. I miss his big love – nobody loves like my husband.”

2. A musical tribute by daughter Alicia

In a clip shared at the service, Shona’s daughter, Alicia, played the piano, sharing two songs in memory of her father.

“The one piece, I played it a lot when my father was still alive, and it was one of his favourite piano pieces that I played. And then, on my birthday, he got me a piano to put in my room, and the first song I learnt was the second piece of my composition for today. I recorded it for my mom to play for him in the hospital,” she said before the clip started playing, adding: “So these pieces connect me very much to my father, and I know he will love them put together, and I love you so much, dad.”

3. #ShoReel

There were many hashtags used to present different portions of the service. For the #ShoReel segment, clips from Shona’s acting career were put together, creating a beautiful montage and paying homage to the actor’s incredible talent.

4. Mfundi Vundla remembers Shona’s generosity

Generations producer Mfundi Vundla took to stage, recalling the generosity that Shona had shown him during one of their final interactions.

“You know, I spoke to Shona about a month ago, and I had called him because I needed assistance; I needed an introduction to a producer I wanted to work with. And Shona was so generous to me, he wrote a letter to this producer and copied me on it, and I will never forget that level of generosity towards me,” he said.

The producer described Shona as “a giant”.

“He came into the industry like a tornado. His achievements, we’ve seen. He was a giant; he was one of the greatest.”


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