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5 Countries with Most ISIS Presence in the World


The Islamic States of Iraq and Syria-ISIS now called Islamic states of Iraq and Levant ISIL is an active Islamic jihadist group. Their self-claimed caliphate found its roots back in 1999 when it was founded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Later pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda Iraq-AQI to gain more expansion and area of influence in the greater areas of Iraq. However this expansion didn’t remain confined within the borders of Iraq, some middle-eastern Muslim countries were later targeted in the years that came by.

This group has seized the major land area from northern Syria to central Iraqi territories.


Even now most of the southeastern to European countries are under passive attacks by ISIS or Daesh. Recent attacks in Paris were one of the visible signs.

Which has raised many questions about the ISIS power and potential of expansion globally? Here is the list of the top five states where Isis is present in the largest number.


Iraq is the home ground where the Islamic state-IS first nurtured its roots. From the late 90s to 2014 Iraqi oil reservoirs provided a lot of resources to these groups in establishing their basis and financing for ammunition.

Iraq’s Shi’ite government was the first opposition against which these activists and Sunni militants gained momentum and only within a year, from July 2012 to July 2013 they carried out a series of bomb attacks in 24 different locations and high numbers of prison breaks.

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Parts of Kirkuk, Diyala, and Tirkat provinces were also captured by the IS militants. Not until June 2014, when ISIS overtook the charge of Mosul (northern city of Iraq) did Mr. Maliki (the then prime minister of Iraq) seek external help through US-led airstrikes.

Around 1700 Iraqi soldiers were executed by IS, who surrendered while fighting and published the images of various mass executions over social media.

In recent months, increasing resistance against the IS in Iraq raises many questions over their hold on the land. They are forced to face major resistance against the Kurdish forces as well as the Iraqi forces. It even lost plenty of the area of Diyala province to Iraqi forces.


Syria is the 2nd most Isis dominant country having a large number of Isis presence. Land sealed by the Syrian borders is now considered the central hub of the ISIS stronghold.

Since the invasion of ISIS over Syrian soil in August 2011, it penetrated so deep that the states have lost control over most of its regions. Initially, Mr. Assad’s depiction of his opponent was greatly dismissed by the western powers.

However, now they seem highly concerned about the expansion of ISIS in Syria. Recently this group has reportedly killed up to 280 people including women and children in the Deir az-Zor province of Syria. All of these families were accused of alleged cooperation with the local Syrian troops and rebels.

Over the past few years, the group has gained great military success in the region. Syrian city Al-Raqqa was taken over by ISIS in March 2013. Whereas opposition and hostility to ISIS are growing gradually in Syria from the regularly attacked rebels and the Syrian civilians.

The current war that broke out on IS is the direct corollary reaction from the different segments of the Syrian society.


Libya is the 3rd most Isis-dominated country with the most Isis presence. Penetrating the shackles of its rule, ISIS accepted the pledge of allegiance from their Libyan Supporters in November 2004 that is when the Libyan territory got under the stranglehold of this jihadist, militant group.

As of now, ISIS now facing increased pressure at their home soil-Iraq and Syria many of the ISIS fighters are migrating to Libya to strengthen their franchise there.

One of the United Nations reports says that almost 3500 Libyan supporters have left their state to unite with these jihadi groups in Iraq and Syria.

Out of these number of men returned to Libya to join local ISIS affiliates working there. The movement of Libyan rebels and ISIS supporters across the country and their relocation in the state highlights the active set of activities by militants in this region of middle-east.


Yemen comes to fourth number having Isis presence. The middle-eastern part of the Yemen state has become the center of IS terror activities and now they seem active in recruiting more men from this part of middle-east.

Along with its Sunni counterpart Al-Qaeda, ISIS has extended its expansion into the chaotic Yemeni soils. Ever since the Air and ground campaigns launched in coalition with Saudi Government, terror activities in this region also gained great height.

As the civil war against the Houthi rebels may have driven them out of the region but this has created a great vacuum of power in most of the areas of Yemen that have given IS enough opportunity to step in as no one seem to restrict their expansion in the region.


Jordan comes to the fifth position in the list of top 5 Isis-dominated countries. The history of Jordan is full of Jihadi terror groups and rebels who evolved into the current Islamic state group. Even the founder of this group-Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was a Jordanian rebel. He had planned multiple attacks on Jordanian targets and killings.

The bombing of the Baghdad Embassy in Jordan in 2003 and Amman in 2005 was few of the many. Jordan has now become the land with thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Refugees settled in.

Therefore, the state possesses major threats from IS due to its economic and social strain because of the significant refugee crisis. Almost more than 700,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria have migrated to this land which seems to be a great challenge for the kingdom.

With the IS gaining support from the number of people in the country, it has threatened to Break down the Borders of Jordan soon.

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