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5 Places U.S Citizens Don’t Need a Passport to Travel



Here Are 5 Places U.S Citizens Don’t Need a Passport to Travel

It is undeniable that the blue eagled book is what transports us to exotic places around the world. But here’s a jaw dropping fact- only ⅓ rd of Americans actually have a passport! Yeah, that’s true! While there are many reasons to this -lazy to renew, too long a process or “I don’t even have that kind of money to travel!”… the list is endless. So for our fellow passport-less friends, here’s a few places US citizens can visit without passport, These spots will welcome you with open arms and a U.S govt issued ID of course!

1. Northern Mariana Islands

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If you really want a taste of the outside world. Wedged between Japan and the Philippines is a string of micronesian islands of Northern Mariana.While sky has a limit, the famous trench doesn’t! You can swim in the famous grotto, a 70ft deep limestone cavern with many endangered and dangerous aquatic animals as well! Soak in the culture by tasting delectable delights and mingling with the friendly locals and taking a submarine tour. While the island has a very dark past, do visit the Japanese memorials and some of the most important sights in Saipan to understand the war better.

2. Guam

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The island does ring a bell, doesn’t it? Especially because of it’s rich history and sites of WWII. Guam, is a mix of culture and unapologetic lazy naps along the beach. Situated around a coral reef there’s plenty to see on shore and underneath the deep blue sea. With 150ft of visibility and abundance of tropical fish, scuba diving and snorkeling is a must. So,bask in it’s warm sun or hike the famous mountain- Mount Lamlam and then treat yourself by taking a cool refreshing dip under its waterfall. Cheers to a lazy vacation! 

3. American Samoa

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A Halfway point between Hawaii and New Zealand lies the Volcanic island of Samoa. It has an enchanting rainforest and sky high mountains for hiking enthusiasts and is surrounded by beaches and more beaches, also we cannot forget the most integral part of the island, beach bars -the best place to your let your hair down and have real fun! Blurry nights and intricate tattoos are mostly the side effects of Samoa, but boy don’t we love them?! An ultimate place for surf experts and newbies to take on the waves and overall a fantastic holiday spot!
Note: Tourists are often asked to show their passports in Pago Pago make sure you’re carrying proof of citizenship and valid Govt ID or check with the Samoan Embassy beforehand.

4. Puerto Rico

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Americans flock here on a regular basis, but here’s why?! This island is an epitome of vibrant nightlife and also many adventurous activities. You can visit underwater caves and climb to 500-year old forts or scuba and jet ski around the cove. A definite must see is the Old Juan side with cobbled roads and the lingering music of spanish guitars and rows of the most exquisite artifacts and mouth-watering street food. Puerto Rico will never and can ever disappoint you!

5. U.S Virgin Islands

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These gorgeous undulated white sandy beaches, just like the name bears, completely virgin. A tropical paradise of 3 islands- St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix coax you to loosen up and enjoy their infectious rum cocktails while you do a bit of sightseeing as well. From castles to grand Victorian architectures and gorgeous landscapes of the Virgin Island National Park, it’s a haven for families and solo travellers. Not to forget that it also has quite a bit of pirate history behind it that might peak your interest!
You don’t need your passport! So throw a couple of your bikini bottoms and catch that dream vacay now!
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