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6 Celebrities and Their Amazing Private Island


Here 6 Celebrities and Their Amazing Private Island

We all like to run away sometimes, looking for a respite from the countless responsibilities. The thing with celebrities is – they have the resources to do it with a touch classier than what were used to. Two words: private islands.

Just until we can afford these slices of heaven ourselves, were content to lust after those whove created their own getaways all over the world:

1. Little Halls Pond Cay, Caribbean – Johnny Depp

media gallery 2018 03 7 11 1 a62072da989c37919d505c3b3370c940media gallery 2018 03 7 11 1 c5212bc15e164699ef6dfc2fee3ade49This is one creative powerhouse who needs no introduction, and his 45-acre tropical island called Little Halls Pond Cay in the Caribbean sounds like quite the dream: flourishing flora and fauna, and a house with a panoramic view of the surrounding island and diverse aquatic life, including his littler island, Osprey Bird Rock. Having bought the unique hideaway for $3.6 million back in 2004, Depp has named the beaches in on his territory after Gonzo for Hunter S. Thompson, his children Lily Rose and Jack, and Brando, after his mentor, Marlon Brando, whom he also says taught him how to buy an island.

2. Mago Island – Mel Gibson

media gallery 2018 03 7 11 2 cea192adb55288d7b3fb2abfb092624fmedia gallery 2018 03 7 11 2 b8f7794c013cfbfa6c4944befaf847a7There are several from the land down under who have been drawn to the charms of the idyllic tropical islands of Fiji and Mel Gibson is no exception. Reportedly having purchased Mago Island in 2005 for a whopping $9M, the 5,400 acres is one of the largest privately-owned islands in the South Pacific, and is practically its own country! Save for a few Fijian caretakers, this ones Gibsons own kingdom in every sense, which he thankfully intends to leave in its natural flourishing state.

3.  Bonds Cay, Bahamas – Shakira, Roger Waters & Alejandro Sanz

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media gallery 2018 03 7 10 3 f07670398430444933f52395c4c373a8We love when celebrities team up for something wonderful like this. In 2011, singer, performer and bellydancer Shakira, Spanish popstar Alejandro Sanz and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters got together to buy the island of Bonds Cay, located north of the Bahamas, for a hefty US $16 million; boasting of sprawling private beaches, an 18-hole golf course and art galleries. Last we heard, the trio were developing a resort for multi-millionaires on the 700-acre property.

4. An Island off Dubai, Pamela Anderson

media gallery 2018 03 7 10 4 41d27d7ded0e9336a82d77042453a31bmedia gallery 2018 03 7 10 4 42639be4b62bfd00c0ff3f06bede5ab4This island in Dubai has a little bit of a sentimentality woven into it – in 2007, drummer of Motley Crue Tommy Lee bought the Baywatch babe an island off the coast of Dubai in an attempt to ensure that they both spend enough time with their sons.

5. Bahamas – Julia Roberts

media gallery 2018 03 7 10 5 6aa6377bc18de9fb3a4b0517ecb99146media gallery 2018 03 7 10 5 381d7c1e356031d782d857be2c9037a7Our favourite 90s sweetheart Julia Roberts reportedly has her own sweet slice of paradise in the Bahamas .

6. An Island Off Florida Shore – Beyonce Knowles

media gallery 2018 03 7 10 6 5ebf1b328dda87c98605e6b026cdba6cmedia gallery 2018 03 7 10 6 cd0b1ff062bc028a178792b84db2416cJay-Z and Beyonce have always been known to have class and for the formers 29th birthday, her husband Jay-Z bought her a 12.5 acre island. Drunk in love? Who cares?

Now thats how you get some privacy and downtime in this manic, fast-paced world!

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