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6 Worst Cities to Live in Africa



The Worst Cities to Live in Africa.

About EIU – The EIU’s (Economist Intelligence Unit) Global Liveability Ranking provides scores out of 100 for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide. It looks at which cities have the best living and worst living conditions. The ranking takes into account healthcare, education, infrastructure, safety, and the threat of terrorism. It then gives an overall mark out of 100.

With that said, Below are the Top 6 of the worst cities to live in Africa according to the EIU’s recently released report of 2016.

6. Douala, Cameroon

Ranking in the world — 9th

Overall rating (100=ideal) — 44

The city performed very poorly across healthcare, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment. However, a higher stability score helped keep it from the top spot. but for now it’s the number 6th worst city to live in Africa.

5. Harare, Zimbabwe

Ranking in the world — 8th

Overall rating (100=ideal) — 42.6

The African city may still be one of the worst cities to live in not just Africa but the world as well due to having the worst score out of 140 countries for healthcare, and one of the worst for infrastructure.

The city is also the 8th worst city to live in the world.

4. Algiers, Algeria

Ranking in the world —  7

Overall rating (100=ideal)—40.9

The city has an overall score of 40.9 due to scoring under 50 for all categories including stability, infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

It’s also the 7th worst city to live in the world.

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3. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Rank in the world  5th

Overall rating (100=ideal) — 38.9

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The city’s stability is super-low at 30 as political and social unrest is perpetual. It’s healthcare score is also one of the worst in the world.

2. Lagos, Nigeria

Rank in the world — 3rd

Overall rating (100=ideal) — 36

The city has the worst score for stability at 10. But has the highest in culture and environment, followed by infrastructure. It scored lowest in stability.
“Continued threat from groups like Boko Haram acts as a constraint to improving stability in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city,” says the EIU.

1. Tripoli, Libya

Rank in the world  2nd

Overall rating (100=ideal) — 35.9

The worst city to live in Africa unsurprisingly is Tripoli, Libya. The country has seen a rise in hostilities which have prompted a sharp decline in liveability in Tripoli as the threat to stability from Islamic State (IS) continues to spread across the Middle East and North Africa,” said the EIU.

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