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7 Countries Where It’s Most Likely to Get Kidnapped


Countries Where It’s Most Likely to Get Kidnapped.

You may go to the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping if you have the skill of a defense contractor; however, if you are just your everyday Joe and you just want to relax, there are some places you may want to avoid.

We all want that vacation where it’s all daisies and sunshine while sipping a nice cocktail on a peaceful terrace. But can we really have the same peace of mind in every country that we go to?

Top Countries with the Highest Rate of Kidnapping

Chances are, you will get that vacation; however, there is also a one in a million chance you may be lifted up while you are savoring your fruity drink – and with no random hero shooting off half the country in order to. Here are the 7 riskiest countries in the world where you can go on a vacation.

7. Mexico

Top 7 Countries Where Its Most Likely to Get Kidnapped
Where could you go to Mexico and not be kidnapped? Let’s just say… nowhere. Although you may want to especially steer clear of areas such as Tijuana, Juarez, or Tampico.

Mexico is definitely one of the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping simply because there’s no judging when it comes to kidnapping. Tourists, locals, poor and rich – all are considered equal in their eyes! As long as a ransom is involved, everyone can have the same “luck” of getting kidnapped.

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6. Haiti

Haiti can be a pretty nice place; but unless you are at a resort, you have all the chances in the world to be kidnapped – from anywhere. It is said that when it comes to kidnapping, the criminals don’t differentiate from occupations, race, age, gender, and nationality; like in Mexico, all have the same ‘rights.’

However, Haitians are usually the most reported victims, which may or may not put some peace of mind in the hearts of tourists. So is Haiti one of the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping? Definitely so.

5. Brazil

In the year 2012, Brazil reported around 1,000 kidnappings, proving that they do know how to stay at the top countries with the highest kidnapping rate. Major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are the most popular areas for kidnapping someone.

And unlike Mexico and Haiti, they are pretty selective about whom they kidnap – and that’s the rich people. So next time you go out, you may want to switch the Gucci shirt and the Rolex with something less eye-catching.

4. India

Top 7 Countries Where Its Most Likely to Get Kidnapped India

With almost 3,000 kidnappings in 2010, India is one of the leading “teams” in top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping. Child abductions are the most common occurrences there, and while tourist abductions are rare, they can still happen.

The kidnappers aren’t particularly well-organized, so you might just fall prey to the street vendor that gave you some treat or a thug that was desperate for some cash. Ransoms are pretty low, so if your family isn’t upset with you for some reason and still wants to pay, you’ll probably live to talk about it.

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3. The Philippines

In the Philippines, foreign tourists seem to be the favorite targets, because let’s face it: who else would walk around vulnerable and dazzled, with a lot of money in their hotel safes and accounts? That’s why it’s one of the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping tourists.

Terrorists are also at large there, so it’s a good way to send a message to the government by threatening their tourism. You may want to be extra careful around the Zamboanga region, the Sulu archipelago, and the SW Mindanao – basically, beware of the areas where all the pretty beaches are found.

2. Columbia

Columbia is one of those countries that are safe to visit – as long as you don’t go off the beaten track. Chances are that if you are going alone on a mountain road, plantation, river, or jungle, you will be stalked and kidnapped.

Columbia is one of the top countries where it’s most likely to get kidnapped by the guerrilla if you go on a hike. Their aim is also to get a ransom for you, so the faster they get paid, the faster you’ll be released. They can carry you around for months if it helps serve their purpose.

1. Venezuela

Venezuela is placed at right at top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping simply because… you can get kidnapped at any time, from any place. It is estimated that around 2,000 people are kidnapped every year, but even the government stopped reporting statistics come 2005.

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Venezuela has also one of the highest murder rates in the world, so if they don’t get their ransom… let’s just say they will not care who will miss you. Middle and upperclassmen are the preferred targets, but wealthy-looking tourists should also keep an eye out; nothing is too difficult for them.

How to NOT Get Kidnapped in a Foreign Country

If you are still courageous enough to dive right into the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping and expect to come back in one piece, you may want to take some extra precautions. Forget the money; this is where your life is generally on the line. Here are some tips to go unnoticed to kidnappers:

  • Don’t start dressing like a fancy rich person that is in charge of a company or a government. The more you look like a hobo, the safer you’ll be.
  • Pay with small cash instead of big bills and credit cards.
  • If you travel alone, tell people you don’t have any family. If a taxi driver so much as asks, make them believe that you are not married, have no kids and have basically been raised in a cave by bears.
  • Avoid traveling alone. If they see you with a group, they are more likely to back off.
  • Avoid going in odd areas. Stick to the resort places as much as possible.

All of the above are the top countries with the highest rate of kidnapping which you may want to avoid. But if you REALLY want to go, make sure that you do your research and take proper precautions.

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