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8 Airlines With the Cheapest Flights



Airlines With the Cheapest Flights.

Now that we’ve seen where you can go, you may be wondering who will get you there. If you want to know who has the cheapest flights right now, a few airlines stand out.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Website

Alaska Airlines is one of the beloved budget carriers on the US west coast. This airline operates a fleet made up almost exclusively of Boeing 737s used for short to medium-haul routes.

Alaska Airlines’ main operating base is in Seattle, but it has hubs all up and down the western states (including in Alaska). While they have a low-cost model, passengers find the service friendly, routes convenient, and flight prices very fair.

Spirit Airlines Plane

On the other coast, we have Spirit Airlines, already mentioned several times above and well-known by Americans for their crazy fares. With bases in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, and others, you can find Spirit flying all over the continent, including to Central and South America.

Most flights operated by Spirit face heavy competition from the legacy carriers, which is only good for the average traveler who benefits from lower prices across the board.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Website

Everyone knows Southwest Airlines as one of America’s friendliest carriers. From my experience, this is definitely true, as the staff seems to come from a different universe where everyone knows good customer service.

Most people love flying Southwest not just for that friendly service but also because there is no such thing as baggage fees, they’ve never charged change fees, and you don’t need to pay for seats.

That means you can fly with a giant surfboard to Hawaii and potentially be in row one, all at no extra charge.

United Airlines

United Airlines Website

Now, we are getting into the “Big Three” airlines of the United States, and we’ll begin with United Airlines. This mega-airline is recognizable all over the world and is guaranteed to serve a city near you.

United is not a low-cost carrier, but frequent fliers would argue that they are begun to resemble one in recent years.

Due to the rise of Basic Economy fares, United is moving closer to being in the same category as Spirit, which is never fun for loyal customers. However, this does mean lower fares, which is a happy thing for budget travelers.

American Airlines Website

The next of the Big Three on our list is American Airlines, another giant. American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world on multiple levels: based on fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue per passenger-mile (a common industry metric; the amount of money they make for transporting one passenger one mile).

You can spot American Airlines planes in more than 50 countries around the world and at more than ten hubs. Its sheer size and far reach around the country help drive lower fares for the average passenger, translating into great savings for those who know how to look.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Website

Delta’s headquarters and largest hub is at the busiest airport in the world, the Atlanta International Airport. But you’ll also find massive Delta bases in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, where they fly to every inhabited continent.

Don’t count them out on your search for cheap destinations, as fares can be quite reasonable.

Sun Country

Sun Country Plane

Sun Country is an especially attractive airline thanks to its direct flights to some of the most popular vacation hotspots during the wintertime for Minnesotans.

But even if you aren’t living near the Twin Cities, look out for routes departing from other airports around the country that operate seasonally.


Ryanair Website

Ryanair is a massive airline headquartered in Dublin, with dozens of operating bases and hundreds of airports served. Even beyond Europe, Ryanair can take you to northern Africa and the Middle East.

They are famous for their special sales of tickets for under 10 Euros – I’ve done it myself, and I can assure you that it is very real and very cheap!

Tips to Find the Best Flight Deals

While all those places to fly and airlines to use are great, it’s important to know how to actually find the cheapest flight possible.

We’ve published a comprehensive guide on how to find cheap flights, but here is a snapshot of some of the most important tips you need to score the best prices in the sky.

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