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A Delight Gift For the Season – Baileys Delight


A Delight Gift For the Season – Baileys Delight

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As the curtains draw and the end of another year beckons, one thing you can’t forget to do is to celebrate the little moments together with the people you love.

Give yourself and someone else a reason to smile. One sure way to achieve this is through gifting and what better way to do so than giving yourself and that special someone a delectable bottle of Baileys Delight.

You may have heard of it in the news, or seen your favorite Instagram sensation post it, or perhaps seen a photo of your boss drinking Baileys Delight with his or her friends and thought of how indulgent it will be to get to experience it firsthand.

The great news is that you can easily afford a bottle or two, for yourself or the people you love with just 40 cedis. A delightful gift for the season!

It is worthy of note that Baileys Delight is not a replacement to Baileys original. Although it shares the lush, creamy, and delicious flavors, Baileys Delight on the other hand has a delicious taste of African honey. Additionally, unlike Baileys Original that is best enjoyed with ice, Baileys Delight is simply served chilled, no ice needed.

If you have read up to this point, you are officially a Baileys Delight recruit. So, go ahead, grab a bottle for yourself, and all your loved ones. Enjoy and share the delicious taste of Baileys Delight with everyone around you because it is truly a Delight for the season.

Baileys Delight is sweet, lush, delicious, and affordable, and as much as you will love to indulge, always remember to drink responsibly.  In addition, pregnant women, and persons below 18 years of age should stay away from it.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your wand and create magic with a chilled bottle of lush deliciousness, Baileys Delight. The real taste of the season.

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