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Andrew Tate Reportedly Texted a Woman “I Fu-king Loved How Much You Hated It. I Loved Raping You” and Described Strangling Her in Voice Note


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Self-proclaimed right-winger and misogynist, Andrew Tate texted a woman that “I love raping you,” according to a new report.

The woman who accused him of a 2013 rape supplied those messages to police in the U.K, though they declined to prosecute him in 2019 for those voice notes and other allegations levied by a second woman.

The revelation were revealed on Wednesday, January 11 as Tate and his brother remained locked up in Romania while investigators probed charges the duo were part of a human trafficking ring.

“Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it,” Tate allegedly said in a WhatsApp voice note reviewed by VICE World News.

 “I f—ing loved how much you hated it. It turned me on. Why am I like that? Why?”

That was just one of dozens of text and voice messages that a woman going by the pseudonym Amelia gave VICE, according to the media house.

She told the outlet that he had strangled and forced himself on her in 2013, after they had been dating just a couple of weeks. She said she saw him over the next few months, fearing the 6-foot tall kickboxer and living in denial about the alleged assault.

In another message, soon after the alleged sexual assault, Tate stated, “I love raping you,” according to VICE.

Amelia filed a police report about six months after the alleged assault, and she and another women levied similar accusations in 2015. Tate was arrested, VICE reported, but British police decided not to prosecute.

The brothers unsuccessfully appealed a Romanian court decision that extended their detention for 30 days. Now prosecutors can apply to detain them, and two women arrested as accomplices, for 180 days. In addition, authorities have seized luxury cars and properties as part of the investigation, and on Wednesday, he lost an appeal on that as well.

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