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Astroworld Festival Tragedy: Attendees Begged Travis Scott to Stop the Show – Haunting Emergency Audio Reveals


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Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival was absolute chaos, with 9 people dead and many injured, and newly released emergency audio reveals just how desperate first responders were to save lives.

In radio communication from first responders and Houston Police on the scene, concertgoers begged to get out of the crowd before they got crushed,.

The audio mirrors what one EMT had said earlier, that the radios weren’t working over Travis’ loud music.

Despite screaming, the voices are muffled. The connection also goes in and out in nearly every call, but police and first responders knew it was a bad situation.

One person fought to end Travis’ set.

“They have to stop the show because there’s people trampled and (inaudible) not breathing,” they yelled over the radio.

Others could be heard saying things like: “the crowd is compressing,” and people are being “trampled.” Many relayed the message that fans were “passed out” near the front of the stage.

Someone on the other end of the radio tried desperately to encourage the team to keep going with rescue efforts. “Take a deep breath, relax,” the person says. “Try to help out. Be careful!”

Haunting emergency audio from Astroworld Festival reveals people screaming that concert goers had been trampled and begging Travis to stop the show

After the audio was released, the criticisms Travis Scott faced intensified. Many are critiquing the rapper, claiming he should have stopped the show. They also believe he intensified the situation by encouraging reckless behavior.

In a viral clip, Travis even seems to be shooing away two of his team members who attempt to interrupt his set.

Travis, Live Nation, and the organizers of Astroworld have all been hit with 68 lawsuits over the deaths and injuries of those who attended the show. Drake has also been named.

The number of lawsuits continues to climb. According to one Texas attorney, Travis could be looking at a billion-dollar legal battle.

Listen to the audio below.

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