Home Entertainment #BBMzansi: Valentines Day at Biggies House is All Self-Love

#BBMzansi: Valentines Day at Biggies House is All Self-Love


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Self-love is a vibe – BBMzansi.

Valentine’s is coming … but not all of us have significant others.

February is the month of love and all things romantic. Love is in the air whether in or outside of Biggie’s House. As Valentine’s grows closer, we wouldn’t want you to forget the most important type of love, self-love. Self-love can be expressed in many ways and is unique to each individual. Over the past weeks, we have identified a few of these qualities in the Housemates and could not agree more with the way they show themselves, love! 💖


We all love a tune once in a while but ever since her step into the House, this Housemate has not gone a day without singing her tune. It seems that she processes her thoughts with music and we love that for her! Doing something you love and makes you feel good is an expression of self-love and Nthabii’s consistent humming to herself tells us nothing less! Should Biggie ever have a karaoke night, we already know who would hog the mic.


In such a multi-cultured country, embracing one’s true self is a Blessing. Zino is not shy in this department and even more so in teaching others about who he is, and where he comes from. Zino has expressed the love of his culture, and shown love to himself in embracing his ancestry, and loyalty to his family. Such love proves admirable and we cannot overlook it – show us, King!


The Fine gal herself has showcased some of her wigs over the past weeks in the House. Nale prides herself in her looks and that tells us that she is all about taking care of herself first and showing herself some self-love. The model has expressed her love for wigs and has been maintaining them in the House every day and we love that for her!


If there is one person in Biggie’s House who visibly takes care of themselves – Themba the Thembinator takes the cup! The man does not go a day without presenting himself well and taking care of his appearance. We should take notes! Themba expresses his love to himself in carrying himself well – whether it be for a day chilling in his chair or a day full of tasks, Themba will show up and show off.


A man who can take care of his stomach and others is one worth mentioning. Tulz expresses his love in putting his soul into the meals he prepares in the House.

He does it out of love, from love. There is no meal, it seems he cannot prepare yet and the Housemates have seemingly enjoyed the taste of his food. We expect a Gordon Ramsey to come out of this season or even a Master Chef SA King.

These are but some of the ways some of the Housemates have shown love to themselves and we hope it encourages you to do the same in your own space.

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 is broadcast live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198, you can stream it here.

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