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#BBMzansi: Gash1 Lays Down the Law at Big Brother Mzansi House


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Gash1 Lays Down the Law – BBMzansi

Every leader must implement some rules, right? Last night, the Head of House laid down the law when he informed his fellow Housemates that things would be changing during his reign.

If you recall, Gash1 coined himself the name ‘Gash-won’, when he won the HoH challenge this past Monday. The new HoH is now feeling comfortable enough to implement some rules of his own.

He has requested that food in the House be marked with the person’s name in order to avoid problems and friction, which have become a norm lately, especially when it comes to food and chores. Those who are brave enough, have pointed out in their Diary Sessions with Biggie that there’s a ’02:00 squad’ in the House and it’s making things a little difficult for everyone else.

Apparently the ’02:00 squad’ waits for the rest of the people in the House to go to bed and as soon as everyone is fast asleep, they then raid the fridge, the cupboards, pots and anything that holds food. We’ve been alerted that this ‘squad’ even goes as far as eating food from other Housemates’ plates.  Things got quite awkward when Gash1 brought up the topic about some people stealing food, and the reason for this awkwardness being that Housemates strongly believe that he is part of the very same ’02:00 squad’, if not the leader.

Gash1 has requested that when fellow Housemates eat, they should start with the meal that they had left previously before they can move on to the next. Additionally, he has said that if a fellow Housemate hasn’t finished their meal, they stand a chance of forfeit their next meal. He has also decided that meals will now be counted. And unlike before, individuals cannot have more than the number of meals agreed upon.

This seems to be bringing up a lot of questions around Gash1’s leadership skills and some of the Housemates are not pleased at all.

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