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#BBMzansi: Get to Know All Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Housemates



Big Brother Mzansi officially makes a comeback and fans are reeling in excitement to see what Season 3 of the reality show has in store for them as the housemates have been introduced.

In this article, we introduce you to all of the various housemates for Season 3 of Big Brother Mzansi. You can also watch the show that will be broadcasted on DStv channel 161 Mzansi and also watch the 24 hours broadcast on Channel 198. You can watch if you have DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus, and DStv Premium only.

See below your housemates for the Season 3 of BBMzansi

1.Ukho Samela aka Sis Tamara

Sis Tamara Mzansi

Meet Tamara, the first housemate to enter the Big Brother Mzansi house. Tamara did Psychology in school and is currently a final year Film and television student. According to him, he has the ability to understand complex human behavior, so we would be waiting to see if he would be able to read the other housemates. Tamara is 25 years old and allso a business owner.

2. Thato

Thato Mzansi

Thato is 28 years old, a content creator known of Tik Tok for the “It Aint Me Challenge”. She says she’s bluntly honest. Her star sign is Gemini. Thato is also an actor.

3. Rethabile

DinkyBliss Mzansi

Rethabile aka Dinkybliss is 29 and currently lives in Johannesburg. Her friends call her Dinky, a name she got from a friend while in High school.

4. B.U

B.U Mzansi

B.U is 31 years old and comes from Durban. He left his job in the corporate world to chase his artistic dreams and so it’s no surprise that’s in the BB Mzansi house now.

5. Acacia Thando

Acacia is 30 years old and is a December born and a family orientated model. She describes herself as fun, loving, a free spirit and a risk taker. She’s a foodie who would love to open a restaurant that only serves everything that she likes. That’s because food embodies what she loves most, which is community and togetherness.

6. Mvelo Ntuli

Mvelo Mzansi

Meet the vibrant 28-year-old Mvelo Ntuli, he’s a bit of a daredevil and enjoys trying new things. Mvelo is a marketing graduate with an infectious sense of humor. He’s bubbly and candid.

7. Yoli

Yoli Mzansi

Yolanda also known as Yoli is 30 years. There’s no better way to get people on your side than being naturally outgoing. Yolanda’s fun and bubbly personality allows her to gain access to different people, which will be coming handy in Biggie’s House!


8.Gashwan Brandon Mthombeni aka Gash1 

Gash1 Mzansi

With such a unique spelling of his name, Gash1 is sure to bring a creative flair into Biggie’s House. If he wins, he wants to use the prize money to start up a business.


Themba Mzansi
He’s a shy Virgo with a passion for soulful African Music and artistic tattoos. Will he get to put his talent on the world map as he wishes? Welcome Themba to the most exciting House in South Africa!

10. Libo


Libo Mzansi

Libo – who describes himself as a “loner” – has his work cut out for him in the over-crowded Big Brother House. He loves the outdoors (which is going to be rare for the next few weeks), and says that people are his weakness. Respect for getting himself out of his comfort zone!

11. Mphowabadimo

Mphowabadimo Mzansi

Mother, sangoma and – now – Big Brother Housemate Mphowabadimo warns that she has “zero tolerance” for nonsense. We can’t wait to see how that plays out in the House. She’s 27 years old.

12. QV

QV Mzansi

QV is just 23 years of age and describes herself as a tomboy and promises not to keep her annoyance to herself. Look out, Housemates – QV is a straight-taking sharpshooter!

13. Venus

Venus Mzansi

Venus is 25 years old and her friends call her Tobi since her high school days. Although Venus loves learning about history, she loves poetry. She’s a bartender by profession and an aspiring musician.

14. Adindu Asuzu aka Zino

Zino Mzansi

Zino is 21 and the youngest of all the Housemates is not shy at being called a “mummy’s boy”. Let’s see how he copes being away from her and under Biggie’s watchful eye. Zino is currently a student pursuing a course in Digital Marketing.

15. Tulz

Tuls Mzansi

Tulani is 28 years and a voice-over artiste and an actor, who prides himself on his rare ability to use his mellow voice to endear himself, while never failing to drop the brutal truth with a chilled sense of honesty. It’s a killer combination!

16. Norman

Norman Mzansi

Norman is 25 years old and says he’s a good listener and a hopeless romantic. He describes himself as a calm and warm person with an adaptable personality.

17. Nale

Nale Mzansi

Nale is 24 years and an actor and model from Pretoria. Some of her friends call her Fine Gyal. She loves painting, listening to music, hiking.

18. Terry

Terry Mzansi

Gugu Refiloe Bonga aka Terry is 26 and admits to having a huge personality while appreciating honesty.We can see lots of tattoos on Terry in her introduction video and although she’s not the only house mates with Tattoos, her looks incredible and we would learn more about them as the show progresses.


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