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#BBMzansi: Heading For a Fall at Big Brother Mzansi


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Heading for a fall? – BBMzansi

It’s been a strange week in the Big Brother Mzansi House, and the Housemates have been more than just a little bit aware of it. With the Wager Task coming up, the outcome could have a profound effect on what happens next.

The week started with Nale and Venus having been Evicted from the House, and the remaining Housemates are now decidedly thin on the ground. The first twist of the week was the fact that there were no Nominations. Sure, this must reduce some of the potential for stress, but the introduction of the Ultimate Veto Power – and the Housemates’ uncertainty about what that means – adds all that stress right back.

The Housemates also discovered that the Conspiracy Corner is no more. They had been making heavy use of it for the previous two weeks, and they would have loved to continue doing so, since there are only eight of them left and each Live Eviction Show has an increasingly profound impact on their chances of winning the R2 million.

Then there’s Themba. Having been voted Head of House earlier in the week, he’s been having a bit of trouble – at least in his mind – getting his authority to be taken seriously. He’s particularly irritated by Gash1, who he’s identified as the main culprit. During yesterday’s Jenga game, his attitude toward Gash1 was disdainful at best, so the budding alliance between them is already starting to falter.

We also have to address the matter of yesterday’s Jenga game, directly. The Housemates were divided into two teams, and played two rounds of Jenga, ending in a tie. The problem is that the brief specifically prescribed that they play a total of three. Themba – as HoH – put the kibosh on that and started directing the Housemates to start cooking and to work on their Wager Task – never returning to play the third round. Which means, frankly, they’ve violated one of the rules of their Task, and they don’t even realise it.

This could mean that their Wager Task Presentation is doomed to fail. They get judged according to their performance throughout the week, after all, and simply failing to follow the rules is likely to blow back on them. If it becomes clear that Themba’s leadership is responsible for this lapse, we can safely assume that his grasp on power is going to get even more tenuous.

There are so many ways this could play out, enumerating all of them would be a work of a madman, so we’re just going to have to wait and see.


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