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#BBMzansi: Housekeeping Gets Personal in the Big Brother Mzansi


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Housekeeping gets personal – BBMzansi.

It’s been a long week of preparations for the Wager Task and Housemates are feeling the pressure surrounding their 100% Wager.

As part of their usual routine, Housemates were given housekeeping duties to get ready for the day. Fortunately, they worked in pairs, making the workload lighter. While others went about cleaning, Acacia informed some Housemates of her opinion that cleaning eating is pointless. She strongly believes that it would be better for people to eat first and then she can clean thereafter. Although she may have made a good point, her approach could be viewed as questionable as she failed to address the issue with the leadership in the House.

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The issue turned personal when Yoli insisted that if Acacia had something to say about the cleaning duties, she should speak to the Head of House, Sis Tamara, first. Yoli believes that it’s the only way to address tension and conflict instead of letting it fester without the possibility of real resolution. To diffuse the situation Yoli decided to bow out of the conversation while Sis Tamara called for a family meeting.

Unlike the pillow talk meetings, they used to have, Sis Tamara gave each Housemate a chance to air their concerns. And it seemed everyone had something to get off their chest. Themba insisted that they are adults in the House and the HoH should not treat them like children. Tulz, felt like the leadership was not involving the Housemates in decisions that impact them.

Although, Sis Tamara apologised to fellow Housemates about the unintended tension, they did point out that sometimes tough decisions have to be made. With the 100% Wager at stake, Housemates have been pushed to collaborate and participate this week like we’ve never seen before. Who knows? Maybe the tide of change will score them a win today.

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Nale feels like Yoli is being puppeteered by Sis Tamara, whereas Venus thinks the HoH has been hardworking and smart about addressing the House through Yoli. She has observed how Sis Tamara is restless and always trying to keep the House clean and the Task preparations in check. At least some Housemates think their leadership has a good balance to it.

Yoli and Sis Tamara believe they can address the tiffs with Themba and Tulz in an amicable way, but they have their doubts about coming to any resolution with Acacia. However they decide to resolve these issues we wish them luck in the final leg of their leadership so far.

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