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#BBMzansi: The Big Brother Mzansi Party Room Has Seen It All


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The Party Room has seen it all – BBMzansi

In Biggie’s House, Saturdays are strictly for the dance floor and the Housemates brought it all and left it all on the dance floor tonight.

Tonight, was the initiation for some of the new Housemates, upon entering the House last week Saturday and we had our eyes on them during the party. Nthabii was not shy to release some moves and has been dubbed the whistling girl on social media while Vyno held on to his partner Terry and some drinks of course.

The two interacted very well with the Housemates and the Housemates were in a moon with the sounds that were left on the floor by Ms. Cosmo – from her Afro Pop genre to her Hip Hop genre playlist. Housemates were sweating from beginning to end. Then DJ Stokie came and left it all on the floor – including Mpho’s tears. From his laid-back Yanos genre to some epic throwback gems. The Housemates danced their shoes off! And even the regular Housemates who hardly dance were kicking it on the floor! We know the Viewers were also very much partying along with the Housemates.

They paired up all night, clinked their drinks and cheered as they partied their night away.

Post-Party Drama

As soon as the curtains closed, Mpho was spotted in Libo’s arms sobbing and so the drama unfolded. It seems that Mpho is not over her ex and a song played by DJ Stokie for the night reminded her of the love she still has and the hurt she endured in her former relationship. Now we sympathize with her, but the timing could not have been a worse sting for Libo who had just shared a passionate kiss initiated by Mpho on the dance floor. Just when we thought the ship was sailing tonight, it seems that some emotions she buried were much harder to get over and time hasn’t healed these wounds. Poor Libo…back to the zone it seems.

Relationship-ically the House is on fire! The Housemates seem to be doing rounds cleaning up their triangles and ships are either sailing or sinking. The friendzone is getting deeper or some seem to be escaping it. Venus and B.U seem to be sailing after some assurance and confrontation. Venus took it upon herself to confront B.U about Acacia and he quickly dismissed any feelings toward Acacia. Venus was clear in that she likes B.U but needs him more assertive and less entertaining to the girls who make moves on him in the House.

Just when we thought we were done with ships, Tulz got confronted by Thato who feels like he has not been honest with her. He responds that he has been and any time Thato speaks to him, she brings up Naledi and never asks him what he thinks of her. He makes it very clear that he is not dating Naledi, may have liked her but that is no longer and he deliberately made no move on Thato so that she did not feel “second best”. On social it seems fans were advising Thato to move on, immediately but it seems that she is the one in a friendzone and not the other way round. However, she still has options, Gash1 tried opening up to her about his love interest but our girl is not buying it, she’s convinced that he’s only after her because Terry turned him down.

Whew! It’s tense in the House but we are here for this drama.

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