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#BBMzansi: Why Acacia Got Evicted from the Big Brother House!


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Acacia is Evicted from the Big Brother House! – BBMzansi

During tonight’s Live Eviction Show, Acacia was revealed as the fourth person who would be leaving the Big Brother House.

Another Sunday, another Big Brother Mzansi Live Show. With Biggie’s twists, there aren’t many things we can be certain of, but we did know one thing: somebody was going home. We didn’t know who, and we didn’t know how many, but the fact that somebody would be walking out the door was well established.

As is usually the case, the show focussed on number of occurrences from the week – the first Wager Task win, for example, Sis Tamara winning Head of House, Yoli breaking down during the Nomination sessions – it was all on display.

Lawrence couldn’t resist poking the odd bear here and there. Norman was having none of it. When asked what was going on during a conversation between him and Venus – a certain conversation that had him in tears – Norman engaged in a game of chicken, and just kept repeating, “huh,” over and over. It actually worked. Lawrence moved on.

There were a few tense moments for the Housemates who were Nominated. When Mphowabadimo heard she was safe, the relief was clearly visible. Nale, however, seemed unmoved by the news that she would be spending at least another week in Biggie’s House. No sign of emotion, anywhere.

Of course, somebody did go home, and that somebody was Acacia. When she heard the news, she appeared genuinely surprised, and it looked as if she couldn’t believe it. Her time in the House has been somewhat rough of late and she’s been in disagreements with B.U., Venus, Yoli and Themba. If she hadn’t been voted off tonight, it’s safe to say she would have been Nominated again.

When she made it out onto the stage for her interview with Lawrence, she seemed to have regained her composure. She made no bones about that fact that she is confrontational and shared her feelings about B.U. with Lawrence. In fairness, he did ask, but it seemed like she didn’t need much prompting. She also said that she thinks Venus will win this whole thing.

She was able to leave with a spring in her step, however. The thought of being able to see her daughter was clearly a motivating factor, which is understandable. We wish her luck.

Now what? Well, we wait for tomorrow’s Head of House Games, and the Nominations that inevitably follow. There is plenty of tension to go around, and that tends to fuel reprisals in the form of naming names during the Nomination Sessions. Goody!

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