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#BBNaija: Adekunle Wins Head of House at Big Brother Naija



Level 1’s Adekunle is the new HoH – BBNaija

This week’s HoH started with some emotion as Doyin realised that her crush, Cyph, has been Evicted. She did her best to keep a straight face as she took her seat next to Allysyn and Rachel.

The HoH excluded current HoH Hermes, and new Housemates Rachel and Chizzy.

The first challenge was a simple necklace beading challenge with Housemates carrying beads to another stool to create a necklace on a picture. The pace started slow with some Housemates but quickly picked up as the clock hit less than a minute. They received 7 minutes on the clock to re-create the necklace.

At the end of the game, Modella and Sheggz were disqualified for breaking the rules. Hermes, Rachel and Chizzy were asked by Biggie to inspect and select the top contenders.

From Level 1 Chomzy, Diana and Adekunle came out top. Level 2 had more contenders, with Khalid, Phyna, Daniella and Pharmsavi on the list. One-by-one, the Level Up ladies were asked to take a seat, Biggie telling Phyna, “better luck next time.”

Adekunle, Khalid and Pharmsavi remained in the top three and moved to the next round. The guys were given 10 tennis balls that they needed to roll into the pipes which had different point allocations. The three Housemates did that but ran for each other’s balls as they completed the 10 balls allocated to them.

Adekunle came out with 25 points, and Khalid and Pharmsavi had 23 respectively.

Adekunle, therefore, is the new HoH and was given half an hour to select five Level 2 Housemates to be Evicted.


As they were walking away, Biggie had one more thing…

Level 1 Housemates were requested to use the stairs to move into their new House, and Level 2 moved to the House behind the Arena doors. This was a big shock for the Housemates.

Level 2 Housemates were happy to move into a bigger space filled with food, and Level 1 Housemates complained about the size of the House they moved into, Bella adding that they lived in a mansion.

Adekunle has a big task on his hand and can receive a contribution from his fellow Housemates, but cannot dictate who gets Nominated.

Let the Nominations begin.

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