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#BBNaija: Drama Hits the Big Brother House!


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Drama rocks Biggie’s House – BBNaija

Biggie’s House is heating up and we might just be getting into an emotionally charged week.

There was a bit of drama in the BBNaija House after the curtain came down on the BBNaija Live show. Following Ebuka’s table-shaking questions, Eloswag demanded explanations from Amaka and Chichi over how the gossip surrounding Phyna and Groovy’s relationship started. His demand led to a whole rollercoaster of emotions amongst the HMs.

The Phyna and Groovy Gossip

During the Live Show, Ebuka had asked Chomzy who started the rumour about Phyna and Groovy being intimate. Chomzy had mentioned Amaka’s name but that wasn’t satisfactory to Eloswag. He was visibly pissed about ‘his girl’ being embroiled in a gossip chain and wanted her out of it. While in the Garden, he called on Bella, Amaka and Chichi to explain what it is they all heard from each other. This however ended in futility as no one admitted to starting the rumour.

Hygiene in Biggie’s House

Rolling off the drama between Eloswag and the ladies in the Garden, Adekunle called for a meeting with his fellow HMs with regards to the state of hygiene in the House. Himself, Phyna and Bryann highlighted the fact that they had been seeing tampons tossed around the House indiscriminately. The issue of used dishes also came up with Adekunle threatening to put used dishes on the beds of those who fail to wash their plates after eating.

A night of tears

The drama that ensued tonight definitely affected the HMs as some of them couldn’t hold back their tears. Amaka, who had been accused of spreading false rumours, was spotted tearing up in the bedroom while Eloswag and Groovy comforted her. Apparently, she was concerned about her friendship with Phyna but Eloswag and Groovy assured her Phyna would not hold a grudge against her.

Doyin was also spotted with tears flowing freely as she wasn’t happy with Modella’s exit. While being comforted by Allysyn, she queried Modella’s role as a Fake Housemate and lamented about losing to Eviction, anyone she tried to get close to.

Chichi is still moving through the murky waters of her ship with Deji and this might be taking a toll on her as she was reportedly in tears in the Garden. Chomzy had reported this to Deji who was embroiled in a conversation with Daniella.

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