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#BBNaija: The Eviction Blues Hits the Housemates


BBNaija eviction

 Eviction blues take over the House – BBNaija

This week’s Evictions have been weighing heavily on the minds of Nominated Housemates and have rubbed off on everyone in the House.

Since the Nominated Housemates were announced by Big Brother on Monday evening where we saw the Veto Power being implemented for the first time this season, we have witnessed rising tensions in the House. Granted, most of the conflicts in the House were caused by the dwindling supply of food, but also Housemates were not able to hide their mounting concerns about how things will pan out during tonight’s eagerly anticipated (and dreaded) Live Show.

Eviction jitters

On Friday evening, Doyin and Chizzy were heard making plans to foster their friendship outside the House. Chizzy, who is a Rider, almost let the cat out of the bag when he kept suggesting that he would outlast Doyin in the House. Doyin almost caught onto this and questioned what made Chizzy think that she would be the first to be Evicted between the both of them.

During her Diary Session, Bella admitted to Biggie that being Nominated for possible Eviction was not a good feeling. She was speaking about her general mood and how she is interacting with her counterparts in the House. She told Biggie that she would love to stay longer in the Game.

Chomzy even had a dream that may have been possibly influenced by her being Nominated. On Tuesday evening, while relaxing in the Garden with her counterparts, she revealed that she dreamt she was taking her cousins to school. Sensing Eviction jitters, Adekunle asked Chomzy if she was Nominated, a question that sent her into a fit of laughter.

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Eviction Predictions

Despite having enjoyed themselves during the retro-inspired Saturday Night Party, it was clear to see that Housemates still had the looming Evictions lingering in the back of their minds. Chizzy was heard discussing with Daniella about Bella being possibly Evicted today. This is strange since he has never hidden his interest in Bella. Could Chizzy have thrown in the towel in trying to woo her?

Doyin, on the other hand, told Bella and Sheggz that she is rooting for a girl to win this season of Big Brother Naija. She even gave them the two ladies that she had in mind for this season’s win, either Daniella or Allysyn. Her reason was that, of all the ladies in the House, both Daniella and Allysyn were neither rude nor dramatic.

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