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#BBNaija: The Flashing Lights Continue to Confuse Eloswag at the Big Brother House



Flashing Lights Continue to Confuse Eloswag – BBNaija

The Saturday Night Party was exciting for many, but it ended in prayers, packed bags, the silent treatment and threats for Chomzy and Eloswag.

Eloswag might have all the dance moves, but his moves on Chomzy have not been fruitful. He has not been shy to express how he feels about her, but she has not reciprocated. The two always bring the party vibes to any party they attend, dancing together with matched energy. Their dance moves are also very sensual, giving hints of people that might be in a ship and comfortable together.

Eloswag and Chomzy were the life of the party at the Saturday Night Party. The two accommodated most Housemates, dancing with whoever was closest but always gravitating back to each other on the dance floor.

Watch the Level Up Housemates’ beach-themed Party: 

After the Saturday Night Party, the two had some time to talk in the Garden, but it did not go very well for them. Chomzy was trying to understand why Eloswag was so upset and why he packed his bags to leave their shared HoH Bedroom.

Eloswag continued to mumble to himself while Chomzy spoke. He never answered any of Chomzy’s questions. She asked, “why did you bother being close to me if you were gonna be this way?” The question was met with silence, which promoted Chomzy to settle to threats. She told Eloswag that if he keeps silent, she will take that as a confirmation that they shall never speak to each other again in and outside the House.

Her mic drop moment was “have a nice life,” but Eloswag still did not flinch.

They ended up in bed together, but as soon as Eloswag was up, he went to the Living Room, sat on the couch and passed out again. He was still tired and Chomzy went to ask him why he would leave the bedroom to sleep on the couch. “It’s nothing serious,” Eloswag responded.

The two have a lot to talk about and settle, but the confusion continues as the person that told Eloswag to have a nice life is the same one that sparked a conversation with him in the morning when he was busy living his nice life.

Will this matter ever be settled?

Watch Chomzy telling Eloswag to have a nice life: 

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