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#BBTitans: New Relationships Are Officially Launched at the Big Brother Titans House


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New ships are launched – BBTitans

The new housemates form new romantic alliances.

After barely 24 hours in the Big Brother Titans house, the new housemates came ready to follow the theme, Ziyakhala Wahala. The drama they came with has scattered ships and might cause a stir in the house.

Theo Traw shoots his shot at Jaypee

As a man on a mission to get into a ship, the single Theo Traw made his first move at Jaypee; while the pair were talking in the garden about their culture, his Nigerian-like accent, and their lives outside the house, Theo Traw made sure to let Jaypee know that he hopes to make out with her. Additionally, he sees their relationship blooming once the show is over.

Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva get cozy

We were all rooting for the Khoyemi ship, but on Day 5, Khosi decided to put Yemi Cregx in the friend zone. In a conversation with Kanaga Jnr, he admitted to liking Khosi; however, he fears attachment and does not want to be distracted.

While trying to move forward, Yemi Cregx hit it off with Blue Aiva and decided to be her masseuse for the night. We can only wait to see which ship will sail, but shippers, get ready for the lovebirds.

Is Juicy Jay crushing on Ipeleng?

Another shocker was Juicy Jay opening up to Yvonne about how he is fond of Ipeleng even though there were already two guys pursuing her. Social media felt the move by Juicy Jay came too soon, especially after he witnessed Lukay sharing a bed with her. Of course, the early bird gets the worm.

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Miracle OP tries his luck with Khosi 

After just a day in the Big Brother house, Miracle OP seems smitten, and –  during his diary session, yesterday – he expressed his intentions for Khosi and detailed how charmed he was by her. Is this too soon given the recentness of the Khoyemi break-up?

Marvin vibing with Yaya

These two have been giving viewers all sorts of vibes. Over the past few days, they’ve been spending a lot of time together as well as doing a little bit of flirting, which they both seem to enjoy. Could this be a ship forming?

Could there be more ships ready to leave the dock? Only time can tell.

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