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BBTitans: What to Expect on Saturday Night at the Big Brother Titans House


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What to expect on Saturday night – BBTitans

One thing we know for sure, Biggie’s parties always go down.

It’s Day 6 in the Big Brother house, and the housemates seem to be getting the hang of things and warming up to each other.

A lot has happened over the past few days, and the introduction of new housemates seems to have the old housemates on their toes, and new ships, bromances and girl gangs have formed.

As is Big Brother tradition, Saturday night calls for a party, and tonight will see the first Saturday night party since the housemates stepped into the house. Preparations are underway, and the housemates are excited and more than ready to groove. It’s time for the housemates to dress up and let loose.

In keeping with the concept of Nigerian and South Africans in one house this season, Big Brother will bring audiences the combination of Amapiano and Afrobeats. Despite only entering the house on Thursday night, Blue Avia wasted no time in teaching the housemates some Mzansi moves to show off on the dance floor.

Twitter was abuzz with viewers looking forward to the party and its musical guests.

Housemates seem to be flirtatious, this afternoon – could they be setting the tone for tonight? Let’s wait and see if the stolen smooches will lead to something after tonight’s party.

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