Home News Burundi and Rwanda army bosses meet at border

Burundi and Rwanda army bosses meet at border


The armies from Burundi and Rwanda met on Wednesday in “efforts to resolve conflicts”, the regional body secretary says.

Wednesday’s meeting at the border between military intelligence chiefs was organised by the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), a 12-country body aiming at peace and stability.

Zakary Muburi-Muita, secretary general of the ICGLR says the meeting is a “good start to solving issues” between the two neighbours.

“I am optimistic, for the fact that they have agreed to sit around a table and address the issues that have been on for some time between them, this is a very good start indeed.” Mr Muburi-Muita told BBC Great Lakes.

Mr Muburi-Muita said that the new leadership in Burundi was also “an opportunity to explore the issues that remain between the two countries to improve their relationship”.

Since 2015, Burundi and Rwanda have experienced political tensions and military incidents on their border, which have seen cross-border activities hindered, affecting the lives of thousands of people.