Home News Coronavirus: Mozambique lifts ban on foreign travel

Coronavirus: Mozambique lifts ban on foreign travel


The authorities in Mozambique have lifted a ban on foreign travel that was imposed to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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Foreigners can also leave and enter the country provided they have a valid work visa, valid resident’s permit, visa or ID, a statement from the ministry said.

During the ban, citizens who intended to seek medical care abroad had to get authorisation from the interior minister.

Mozambique’s national airline, Linhas Aereas de Mocambique, has said it will resume flights to and from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, from Tuesday next week.

Its chief executive, Joao Carlos, said the airline will have a flight to Lisbon on Tuesdays, and a return flight to Maputo, on Wednesdays.

The airline’s European route, initially scheduled to resume on 31 March, was postponed three times because of coronavirus restrictions.