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Early Big Brother Titans Evictees Look on the Brighter Side



Ousted Big Brother Titans contestant Sandra from Lagos, Nigeria, said she knew she had been burnt toast the minute it was announced that she would be paired with SA-born Theo Traw going into the first elimination round of the competition.

Aspirant musician Theo Traw (also known as Santheo) told Sowetan S Mag that he was left shocked by his early eviction and admitted that he hadn’t seen Sunday night’s elimination coming.

The 29-year-old and Sandra were the first pair to receive the chop from this season, with Jay and Olivia (Juiovla), Justin and Yvonne (Juvone) as well as Yemi Cregx & Nelisa (Yelisa) surviving eviction.

“The moment I was paired with Theo, I felt it in my gut that I was going to get evicted. I already knew that I was going to be put up for eviction and that’s when I did not know about the pairs… personally, I thought I was strong and I still think I’m strong. I know it’s a game but the eviction got to be a little bit,” Sandra said.


Theo Traw added: “I am feeling disappointed because I don’t know what went wrong or what was happening on the outside. I had so many expectations coming on the show late and leaving early is not anything anyone wants but on a personal level I’ve taken so much from this experience. I won’t lie, I just wish I stayed longer before I could leave but I guess things happened the way they did.”

The hip hop and R&B artist said his memorable moment was the “Naija night” on Saturday when all the housemates were dressed up in Nigerian-inspired attire.

“On that night we got to know more about each other and reintroduce ourselves. I will miss Marvin the most – he understood me and the goals I’ve set for myself. He was a good cheerleader who kept telling me never to give up on my dreams if I, unfortunately, do make it out of the house,” Theo Traw said.

Sandra said she would miss the Saturday night parties and engaging with her housemates, particularly Blue Aiva.

“I became proud of myself after accomplishing all the tasks we were given by Big Brother, they were tough but very interesting. Although I competed for just two weeks, I hope viewers were able to see and know me better,” Sandra said.

Theo Traw from Waldrift, in the Vaal, said the main reason he joined the competition was to make a name for himself in the music industry.

“Since 2013, I haven’t really had the breakout I was looking for in terms of my music career. Now, that I am out, I don’t know what’s to come or what’s going to happen,” he said.

“The plan is to focus on music and probably present and do some modelling for brands… I will use every opportunity I get to advance my chances in the industry.”

Sandra’s future goals are to break into the international reality TV space and host red carpets.

“I am also trying to expand my brand as a vixen for music artists,”  Sandra said.

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