Home News Equatorial Guinea Receives 100,000 Doses of COVID-19 Chinese Vaccine

Equatorial Guinea Receives 100,000 Doses of COVID-19 Chinese Vaccine


Equatorial Guinea has announced receipt of coronavirus vaccines from China. According to a statement on the government website, vice-president Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, led the delegation that received the consignment at the airport.

He praised the donation of 100,000 doses which represents 4% of the entire population. He described it as an emergency aid, at a time rate of infections continued to soar since November 2020.

He further stressed that the donation of the Chinese vaccine shows once again the fruits of the excellent diplomatic relations uniting the two states.

The Central African oil producer has been a big ally of Beijing donating $2 million to the Asian giant in early 2020.

As is with the case across most African countries, the initial doses are to be given to frontline health workers, people with existing preconditions and persons deployed along the country’s borders.

“Vero Cell is a vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm and, according to the WHO and the clinical evaluation directorates for preventive vaccines for Covid-19, it meets international standards.

“With the first one hundred thousand doses for 50 thousand people, which represents 4% of the population of Equatorial Guinea, the first phase of the Vaccination Plan will be implemented, prioritising health personnel, those at high risk of mortality and those who work on the main borders of the country,” the government statement added.

Equatorial Guinea caseload as of February 11

Total confirmed cases = 5,663
Active confirmed cases = 154
Recovered = 5,422
Deaths = 87

Source: BBC Africa Coronavirus Tracker