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How I Quit My TV Presenting Job to Become An Influencer & Blogger Full Time


Blogging & Social Media Influencing have turned out to be one of the world’s current top earning and very lucrative professions per experience for millennials who seem to have concrete desires for content broadcasting and the creation of it.

I boldly fall under the catalog of millennials who value blogging & social media, for it is business.

All I need is my smart gadget and an uncapped internet to keep me going whilst I operate from the comfort of my home or trips. The most exciting thing about being a blogger/influencer is that; you can live anywhere in the world and work whilst you make your money from the content you produce or broadcast. These contents can be in written format, audio, or visual.

This might sound very easy as you read, but let me be honest with you; a lot of work goes into it – Counting from the struggles of building unique followers for your page or blog, to generating quality contents suitable for your audience to be very unique and to standing tall amidst millions of other bloggers and influencers around the world.

This doesn’t happen overnight, CONSISTENCY is the formula.

I started benefiting from being an influencer/blogger after making the strong decision to quit my job as a TV presenter who hosted two shows on television; a High School entertainment show of which was undoubtedly one of the most-watched shows on Saturday mornings in Ghana, West Africa, along with a Music Video count down show every weekend. I enjoyed every chapter of my job as a TV presenter from the fame to being on camera every day to getting free outfits, shoes, and apparel from sponsors I obtain myself, but NOT THE MONEY I MADE MONTHLY from being on TV.

The media industry was on the side, a trade I wanted to be part of after I graduated from college, though my major interest was in Theatre Arts & Dance. I wanted to be a Choreographer so bad, as well as teach dance in an African University or anywhere in the world but my African dad and his African cultured mindset dispirited me to look elsewhere. I still pulled myself through the arts industry anyway and this would be a story of next time.

Whilst on TV, I began writing notes of celebrity gossips on Facebook, and I was very consistent with it. This generated a lot of followings on my Facebook page, which transitioned to a very popular Facebook group called “FACEBOOK GOSSIP NETWORK GH” (FGN).

The Facebook page grew so fast with over 16,000 followers within 4 weeks of posting consistent gossips about celebrities in Africa.

I was cautioned by one of my followers from the mentioned group above to monetize contents I post up by channeling everything on a blog I came up with and of which has grown over the years to operate under ‘Monte OZ Networks, INC’ – My registered Media Communication, Buying and Advertising firm. I signed my blog up for one of Google’s monetization programs for a test;

Oh Yes! “For Test”, for the reason that I want to convince myself, making money online is for real after being influenced to start a blog and monetizing the contents on it.

When I received my first $100usd Paycheck from Google after about 6 weeks of starting the blog, I SAID GOODBYE to my Television job of Fame with no money to become a full-time Blogger & Influencer without thinking twice. That $100usd Paycheck from google motivated me to exclusively embark on the blogging & social media journey full time and started seeing it as a very lucrative job.

This all started for me in 2011 and here I am in 2021 living my life easier by working from my own relief zone and getting paid via just writing my opinions and sharing content on the internet.

I just didn’t start the blog and got paid upfront. I will be very honest about this. It takes dedication and intense hard work of creation, writing uniquely, and being consistent in order to attract more readers & social media audiences who will be consistent with you as you are to them.

Most contents I created and published were through a character I wanted to be known for at the earlier stage of this whole influencing/blogging journey. I did this by being a humorist controversially with articles I published about celebs in particular, but not to step on the wrong toes.

Stepping on the wrong toes can mess up the credibility and integrity of your influence by the tap of a button. The influencing business is like a God – It has the power to make you and destroy you. Just one wrong post can tarnish your entire reputation.

My earnings escalated from just a $100usd paycheck monthly to over $1.5K dollars a month from Google AD programs only, after my blog ended becoming one of the popular ones, earned the traffic/numbers through the unique contents I circulated. It attracted event organizers, traders, business owners, and brands that paid me physical cash to advertise on my blog and my social media pages not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

I never restrict myself to a particular wing of content delivery. I am what they term as eclectic – I do it all. I have an interest in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Activism, and fashion & travel; so I publish content related to all these catalogs. This opened more advertorial doors that boosted my earnings.