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I ‘Wanted to Feel Stronger and Get Rid of His Joint Pain’ – Serial-Vaxxer Says After Getting Arrested For Receiving Twelve COVID-19 Jabs


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An elderly man has been arrested by police for illegally getting twelve Covid-19 vaccines in India.

Brahamdev Mandal had a dozen vaccines in just 11 months, including two within half an hour of each other on the same day.

The 84-year-old Pensioner explained that he wanted to feel stronger during the pandemic, and claimed the multiple jabs rid him of the joint pain he has had for eight years.

According to authorities, the serial-vaxxer was able to sign up for extra jabs by using different people’s IDs and lying to health officials. He is now facing a string of charges.

Two doses of Covid-19 vaccines are required for adults to be considered ‘fully vaccinated,’ with a third ‘booster’ jab to follow.

However, twelve doses is not advised or recommended by health bodies as it could have an advert effect.

Mr Mandal, a former postman, has been accused of a string of offences by police in the village of Orai, in Bihar, India where he lives.

Officials have launched an investigation into how he was able to abuse the system.

Puraini police station officer Deepak Chandra Das said Mr Mandal was booked under sections 188, 419, and 420 of the Indian Penal Code respectively.

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