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It’s No Big Deal If My Wife, Toyin Abraham, is Richer Than I Am – Actor Kolawole Ajeyemi



Actor Kolawole Ajeyemi has said he sees no big deal in his wife and colleague in the film industry, Toyin Abraham, being richer than him.

The Dad of two who spoke to Tribune, said as long as he and his wife do not boast about their wealth to each other, it remains inconsequential who is richer of the two of them.

“I was born in 1979 and I have a lot of colleagues that know my age. As I said earlier, I joined the industry in 1997 and I believe she hasn’t joined the industry then. So, subtract my age from 1997 when I joined the industry and compare it. So, I am older than my wife.

Then on the issue of being richer or more popular, money or no money, popular or not, God is the one who owns money or fame and freely gives to whoever. Whether I am the one who is more popular or rich, or she is, the fact remains that we are both popular and rich. It is no big deal if my wife is richer than I am, in as much as none of us is being arrogant to the other over this.

There is no issue because, at the end of the day, it is good for both parties, you assist each other. On popularity, I am also doing well for myself. I have been in the industry and doing well even before I met my wife, and I make my living from what I do.

Currently, I have a business. I also have a large farm, a very big one. So, I am doing well for myself and I am okay with that. She is doing well too and I have never for once wished she comes down. I am not that kind of guy, I wasn’t brought up that way.

I pray she continues to go up and I remain at the top. But my wife is not older than I am, I was born in 1979 and a lot of people know this. So, for those talking all about whether she is older than I am or not, they are the ones who cause issues between husbands and wives. I want to say they should stop that. If they don’t stop, those in the marriage too shouldn’t allow talks like that to get to them.”he said

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