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Khanyi Mbau Reveals Why She Left Her Boyfriend, Kudzai in Dubai


Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau breaks the silence on leaving Kudzai in Dubai.

She is far from boring. Her career has been nothing but colorful since the day she broke into the industry 17 years ago when she landed the role of Dubsie in the SABC 2 soapie Muvhango.

She became widely known after marrying then tycoon Mandla Mthembu.

At this year’s Feather Awards, media personality Khanyi Mbau (36) walked off with the Drama Queen of the Year for leaving her boyfriend Kudzai Terrence Mushonga (28) in Dubai and taking a first-class flight to return home to South Africa after an alleged conflict.

He was under the impression that she had gone to do her nails at a salon in Dubai after dropping her off but she left him high and dry in Dubai.

The Zimbabwean-born businessman was devastated and took to social media to locate her whereabouts.

“The old me would have just never said anything. But I actually realised I’m hurt, and I love this woman. She’s treated me like a king from day one,” he shared with thousands of viewers.

“Baby, in front of everyone, I just want to say I’m sorry. I know our relationship has nothing to do with money; our relationship has nothing to do with assets, who pays for this, or who pays for that. It’s just we as best friends,” he continued.

A few hours later, Khanyi confirmed that she had landed in South Africa.

“I am hurt, guys. They say men don’t cry but this one is deep. I just called my brother now and told him that I just video called Khanyi and she is in South Africa, We have been in Dubai for a bit. She is now a resident of Dubai.”

He went to say, “Khanyi is the first lady I never cheated on in my whole life. I have been a bad guy. In this hotel room, I would have two or three other people flying in from anywhere but I never did that to her. My mother has been saying ‘Kudzai get your passport, pack your bags, you can stay in America. Leave this woman’. I made her listen to the voice note. I said, ‘baby listen to what my mom is saying because you and I are honest with each other, we don’t leave anything unaddressed.”

Khanyi remained mum about the incident until she was seen hosting at a night club and she comically chanted a song about leaving her partner in Dubai.

Heh Phuma Ngathi Uyabuya. Shiyi Ndoda e Dubai (Walkout as though you are coming back and leave him in Dubai).”

Khanyi received backlash from many people on social media who believed she was being insensitive towards her partner, while others thought she might have possibly left an uncomfortable situation. But she remained mum.

The couple has since reunited and is back in each other’s arms.

In her acceptance speech at the Feather Awards, Khanyi spoke up about the incident that saw her love life make breaking news on tabloids yet again.

“The last time I was here at the Feathers was 10 years ago and the diamond was quite small. It’s lovely to stand up here and see the size of this thing.”

She proceeded to speak about her relationship with Kudzai.

“I have never spoken about my ordeal and the Shiya Indoda e Dubai. It wasn’t a song to make fun of anyone. It was actually a statement,” she says.

“My journey has changed since I started in the industry. I was a kept woman, but I worked my way up to becoming the woman who keeps others,” she says.

Khanyi says the song she made about leaving her man in Dubai was not to mock Kudzai but to empower young women who want to live a lavish life but cannot afford it.

“I was empowering the young girl who is a slay queen, who looks at Khanyi and says ‘I want to travel the world like you. But the message was, ‘Don’t be in a relationship because you have to, be there because it’s a holiday and you want to and even if he pisses you off, on the second day of your vacation, you can take the first class back home,” she says.

Khanyi dedicated her drama queen award to her partner who was not afraid to show his vulnerability.

“I would like to dedicate this award to Kudzie, he has shown men that it’s okay to show strength in pain, to be remorseful on social media, and look the fool yet show that men too have emotion. That you can show how much you love a woman and how sympathetic you are,” she says.

Khanyi went to say, “I know it seems like a joke, but a young boy of 28 years old has taught men to fight for the woman you love, and that’s the new trend.”

She concluded and repeated that she was not insulting anyone by chanting the song.

“So when you Phuma Ngathi Uyabuya (Walkout as though you are coming back) it’s not an insult, it’s knowing your worth. If they don’t understand you for who you are phuma ngathi uya e toilet (Leave as though you going to the bathroom). If at home they misunderstand you, Phuma ngathi uyoneka (Leave as though you going to hang the washing) and return on Wednesday. It isn’t a diss song, it’s an empowering song. You call the shots when you want to,” she says.

“All this time I’ve been a gold digger and the girl chasing people’s money and today trending number one is the film Happiness Ever After where I am a lead actress, and I am still here.”

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