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Married lesbian couple take NHS to court over ‘IVF discrimination’ branded ‘gay tax’



Married lesbian couples take NHS to court over ‘IVF discrimination’ branded ‘gay tax’.

The British NHS has been dragged to court by a married lesbian couple, over what they claim is ‘IVF discrimination’.

Megan Bacon-Evans, 34, and wife Whitney, 33 who accused NHS fertility clinic of discriminating against same-sex couples, stated that they have been together for 12 years and had to pay tens of thousands of pounds to become eligible for NHS IVF treatment compared to mixed-sex couples.

The couple averred that they are shocked to discover “discrimination”, after looking into how they could start their journey to parenthood.

Married lesbian couple take NHS to court over

They said;

“We were shocked and devastated to discover the discrimination that lesbian couples and bisexual women face in starting their family. LGBTQ+ couples are not entitled to the same access to fertility treatment as cis heterosexual couples.

“When it comes to creating a child in our relationship, we are in the same position as an infertile man and a fertile woman, or a fertile man and an infertile woman.

“This differential treatment towards female same-sex couples amounts to direct and indirect discrimination contrary to the Equality Act 2010.

“It is time for discrimination to end and for there to be equal treatment with heterosexual couples in the healthcare system.”

Mirror also reported that under the current NHS IVF treatment guidelines, patients must prove they are infertile, with heterosexual couples qualifying after trying to conceive naturally for two years.

In Megan and Whitney’s NHS clinical commissioning group (CCG), female same-sex couples are expected to self-fund 12 intra-uterine insemination treatments, which involve inserting sperm into a woman’s womb, costing around £30,000 or more.

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