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Meet 4 Secrets Airlines in the World


The Secrets Airlines in the World.

Air travel has become a ubiquitous mode of transportation in the modern world. With numerous airlines available today, it’s easy to take for granted that all airlines are well-known and easily accessible. However, there are several airlines that operate in the shadows, shrouded in secrecy, and only a select few know about them. These airlines are often referred to as “secret airlines.”

The existence of secret airlines is not a new phenomenon. During World War II, the Allies created several secret airlines to transport military personnel, supplies, and equipment to different parts of the world. These airlines were kept secret to avoid detection by enemy forces. Even today, some airlines continue to operate in secrecy, albeit for different reasons.

One such airline is Janet Airlines, which is operated by the United States government. Janet Airlines operates flights to several top-secret military bases in the United States, including Area 51, which is infamous for its association with UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. The airline’s name is derived from its call sign, which is “Janet.”

Janet Airlines
Janet Airlines

The airline’s fleet consists of unmarked white Boeing 737-600 and 737-800 aircraft that are fitted with tinted windows to prevent passengers from seeing what’s outside.

Another secret airline is the North Korea’s Air Koryo, which is the country’s national airline. The airline is shrouded in secrecy, and little is known about its operations.

Air Koryo scaled
Air Koryo

The airline’s fleet consists of outdated aircraft that are not allowed to fly in most parts of the world due to safety concerns. However, the airline continues to operate, and its flights are only available to a select few.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also operates a secret airline known as Air America. The airline was established during the Vietnam War to transport supplies and personnel to different parts of Southeast Asia.

Air America
Air America

The airline was dissolved in 1975 after the war ended, but rumors suggest that it continued to operate secretly for several years after its official dissolution.

In addition to these airlines, there are several others that operate in secrecy, including Iran’s Mahan Air, which is believed to have links to the country’s Revolutionary Guards, and China’s Hainan Airlines, which is believed to be owned by the Chinese government.

Mahan Air
Mahan Air

The reasons for these airlines to operate in secrecy vary. Some airlines, like Janet Airlines, operate in secrecy to transport military personnel and equipment to top-secret locations. Others, like Air Koryo, operate in secrecy due to the political climate in their countries. Regardless of their reasons, these airlines remain shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

In conclusion, secret airlines are a fascinating aspect of the aviation industry. They operate in secrecy and only a select few know about their operations. While some of these airlines operate for legitimate reasons, others are shrouded in secrecy due to political or military reasons. Regardless, the existence of these airlines adds an aura of mystery to the world of aviation, and their stories continue to captivate and intrigue aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

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