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Why Ghana May Never Legalize LGBTQ Movement


Why Ghana May Never Legalize LGBTQ Movement.

Ghana, like many African countries, has a long history of conservative attitudes toward LGBTQ rights. Homosexuality is still considered a taboo subject in Ghanaian society, with many viewing it as immoral and unnatural behavior. As a result, the LGBTQ movement has faced significant opposition from both the government and the public, making it difficult for advocates to gain any traction.

There are several reasons why Ghana may never legalize the LGBTQ movement. Firstly, the country’s legal system is heavily influenced by its colonial past. The British colonial government imposed a number of laws that criminalized homosexuality, and these laws have remained on the books ever since. The most recent version of the law, the Criminal Offences Act of 1960, punishes “unnatural carnal knowledge” with up to three years in prison. Changing this law would require significant political will and would likely face opposition from conservative religious groups and other influential stakeholders.

Secondly, Ghana is a deeply religious country, with Christianity and Islam being the dominant religions. Many religious leaders view homosexuality as a sin and believe that it goes against the teachings of their respective holy books. This has made it difficult for LGBTQ advocates to make any headway in the country. In fact, many religious leaders have actively campaigned against the legalization of same-sex relationships, arguing that it would lead to a breakdown in traditional family values.

Thirdly, the Ghanaian government has shown little interest in promoting LGBTQ rights. In fact, in 2018, the government shut down an LGBTQ center that was providing support to members of the community. The government cited the center’s lack of registration as the reason for its closure, but many believed that it was simply a way to suppress the LGBTQ movement.

Finally, the public opinion in Ghana is largely against the legalization of LGBTQ rights. In a 2021 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 93% of Ghanaians said that homosexuality should not be accepted by society. This overwhelming opposition to the LGBTQ movement makes it difficult for advocates to make any progress.

In conclusion, Ghana may never legalize the LGBTQ movement due to a combination of factors, including its colonial legal system, deeply religious society, lack of government support, and widespread public opposition. While there are certainly pockets of support for LGBTQ rights in Ghana, it seems unlikely that the country will see any significant progress in this area in the near future. Until there is a fundamental shift in attitudes towards homosexuality in Ghanaian society, it will continue to be a difficult and controversial issue.

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