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Piers Morgan sparks outrage as he compares Covid-19 to Hitler and the Nazis


Controversial TV host, Piers Morgan has sparked outrage after he compared the impact of Covid-19 in the UK to the deaths caused by the Nazis in World War 2.

The very outspoken media personality, 56, has been very vocal throughout the whole pandemic and has questioned the government’s decisions as the UK battled through the pandemic.

Taking to Twitter to react to the UK government’s latest announcements that covid-19 rules will be relaxed on July 19th, he said that relaxing covid-19 rules on July 19th was  like deciding to stop fighting Hitler .

He wrote: “Can you imagine Twitter half way through WW2?

“’I’m f*cking done with Hitler and the Nazis impinging on my liberty, so let’s stop f*cking fighting them right  now and pretend they’re not there any more. I want my f*cking freedom back!’”

Upon seeing his tweet, his followers quickly questioned  the analogy, one wrote: “I honestly can’t believe you are comparing Covid to the war, what an insult to those who fought / died and lived through it!”

Piers hit back, claiming: “Covid’s killed far more civilians in the UK than WW2, and caused far greater loss of liberty.”

Another follower wrote: “Ffs. to even think about comparing the two events let alone tweet it.”

While someone else wrote: “I’m sure many of the victims of WWII and particularly the Holocaust would find that comparison to be grossly offensive.”

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