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Reno Omokri Replies Follower Who Questioned Him For Saying It Is ”Better to Be An Average Guy in a High Rent District Than Be a Lord in a Ghetto”


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Reno Omokri has responded to one of his followers who questioned him for advising people to move to high-rent areas.

In a post shared on his IG page, Reno opined that people should move to high-rent areas even if it means living in a room in such areas. According to him, a persons’ neighbor can either add to their labor or their favor.

He wrote

Better to be an average guy in a high rent district than be a lord in a ghetto. Move from a low rent area even if you have to live in a room in a high rent area. Poverty is not caused by generational curses, but by generational bad habits triggered by your environment. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most. Your neighbours either add to your labour or your favour. That is why you should choose where you live wisely. Slums often come with scums. It is hard to rise above your location.

A follower of his questioned his advice and asked where he would get the money to pay for a high-rent apartment and if neighbors really ”connect” people.

Continue to see Reno’s response below

Reno Omokri replies follower who questioned him for saying it is

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