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The World’s Most Powerful Passports For 2022


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World’s Most Powerful Passports For 2022.

Every minute, the world changes, and we have no way of knowing what will happen next. The economy’s ups and downs, political shifts, and, on top of that, the pandemic make it difficult to predict anything. Whatever is going on in the world, everyone wishes to live a prosperous life. There are several factors that contribute to this, such as your work, education, abilities, and hard effort, to name a few. But have you ever considered that the country in which you live is equally important?

In this article, we will go through the most powerful passports for 2022, in detail. We will provide you with all of the key details regarding why one passport is superior to the other. So, if you intend to obtain more than one passport, you will have a clear idea of what is best for you. In this article, we will discuss a website, The Passport Index for ranking, as well as some statistics from Global Citizen Solutions to assist in your decision-making.

Let us dig deep and see what are the most powerful passports for 2022!

How to decide the ranking?

Powerful passports
Passport Index was invented and run by Arton Capital, it provides a real-time global ranking of passports. According to their website, they determine the ranking of the passports with the following methods:

1. Mobility Score (MS) – includes visa-free (VF), visa-on-arrival (VOA), electronic travel authorization (eTA), and eVisa (if issued within 3 days)

2. The VF component of their score compared. the Visa on Arrival portion of their score

3. The UNDP HDI is an important indicator of a country’s image overseas.

Based on the Passport index, there are multiple countries that ranked on the same spot, for instance, Barbados and Peru ranked 23 on the list with a mobility rate of 122. But The number of Visa-Free entries that Barbados and Peru offer are different.

For instance, Barbados offers 88 Visa-Free countries and 34, Visa on Arrival countries. But being on the same rank, Peru passport offers 77 Visa-Free countries and 45 Visa on Arrival.

This article will enlighten you with the list of all the countries that made up to the 10th position on the index.

10. Cyprus/ Romania/ Bulgaria

Powerful passports
Number ten on the list is Cyprus, which provides entry to 143 countries, of the 106 have Visa-Free entry, and for 37 countries, you can get a visa on Arrival. Romania is also at the same rank but, the Visa Free countries it provides access to are 102, and for Visa on Arrival it gives us access to 41 countries. Bulgaria gives Visa-Free entry to 100 countries and VoA- Visa on Arrival to 43 countries.

9. Singapore/ Croatia

Number nine on the list are two countries. Both provide mobility rates to 144 countries. Singapore gives Visa-Free entry to 111 countries, and Visa on Arrival to 33 countries. Croatia provided Visa Free access to 104 countries and VOA (Visa on Arrival) to 40 countries.

8. Liechtenstein

The passport of Liechtenstein has got on number 8, with entry to 145 countries and VF entry to 103 countries and Visa on Arrival to 42 countries.

7. Estonia/ Lithuania/ Latvia/ Iceland/ Slovenia/ Japan

Estonia and Latvia ranked 7th, having a mobility score of 146 countries, with a VF country score of 106. Iceland Slovenia gives Visa-Free entry to 105 countries. And Japan gives VF entry to 103 countries.

6. Greece/ Slovakia/ United Kingdom and Canada

Powerful passports
Greece comes on number 6th with a mobility rate of 147, has connected with 107 Visa-Free Countries and with 40 Visa on arrival countries. Slovakia, also on the same rank, provides Visa Free entry to 105 countries, the United Kingdom provides the VF entry to 104 and Canada to 103 countries.

5. France/ Czech Republic/ Malta/ Norway/ Poland/ Hungry/ Ireland/ United States of America

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Based on the Mobility index, France took place on number 5th with a mobility rate of 148, which includes a Visa-Free (VF) entry to 110 countries and Visa on Arrival to 38 countries. The Czech Republic and Malta are in the same position but with 108 Visa-Free (VF). Norway, Poland, and Hungry allow Visa Free entry to 107 countries, Ireland to 104, and The United States of America gives VF entry to 102 countries.

4. Netherlands/ Belgium/ Portugal/ Spain

Powerful passports
Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Australia ranked 4th on the list with a mobility rate of 149. Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal give Visa Free (VF) to 110 countries. Spain offers entry to 109 countries and Australia to 100 countries.

3. Sweden/ Denmark/ Austria/ Luxembourg/ Switzerland/ South Korea/ New Zealand

Powerful passports
The Third on the list are the seven countries with a mobility rate of 150. Sweden and Denmark give Visa-free (VF) entry to 111 countries. Austria and Luxembourg offer Visa Free (VF) entry to 110 countries, whereas Switzerland 107, South Korea 106, and New Zealand offer Visa Free (VF) entry to 101 countries.

2. Germany/Finland/Italy

Powerful passports
The index shows that German passport holder has a mobility rate of 151. The visa holder can get Visa free (VF) entry to 112 countries and 39 countries accept Visa on Arrival.

Being 2nd on the list, Finland and Italy passports have the same mobility rate of 151. But the citizens get Visa free (VF) entry to 111 countries and Visa on Arrival to 40 countries

1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If you have a passport from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will have the most powerful passport in the world in 2022. Currently, citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could travel to 159 countries, with 104 countries offering Visa Free (VF) access and 55 countries offering Visa on Arrival entrance.

The Passport index ranked the passports based on the mobility rate. That means how many countries a passport holder can visit without the visa of those countries.

On the other hand, according to Global citizen Solutions, their study calculates the data and ranking based on other factors too. That is the Quality of life and Investment index. Based on their evaluation, the ranking for the most powerful passport is based on the 50% Mobility rate, 25% quality of life 25 % Investment.

But here is another study, according to Global Citizen Solutions, the passport raking system must consider the following points:

  1. Mobility – Visa Free (VF) entry, Visa on Arrival (VOA), an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  2. Quality of life in a country
  3. Opportunities for investment

Quality of life in the country

The Quality-of-life part is mainly for the people who would spend the majority of their time in that country. It includes permanent residence, students, retires, and anyone who has a desire to live in that country. Then the criteria of Visa Free ranking would not really benefit them.

Global Citizen Solutions has provided us with the orientation questions for defining the quality of life in those countries and the importance of why to consider them for ranking the World’s strongest passport for 2022. The questions are, the level of quality of life of the population in general, the happiness score of the population, the system, and affordability of healthcare.

Safety of the people, the country’s crime rate, the justice system, the education system, the country as a tourist attraction, the amount of freedom, and the attraction of natural resources should all be considered.

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Opportunities for investment

Powerful passports
Global Citizen Solutions used a range of questions to establish the investment ranking. The income tax rate, country’s capacity to attract clients for direct investment, the difficulty level of launching a business in the country, the political stability of the country, the effectiveness of the judicial system, and the country’s economic strength are some examples.

Following are the Top ten strongest passports based on ranking provided by Global Citizen Solutions.

  1. United States of America
  2. Germany
  3. Canada
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Denmark
  6. Sweden
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Finland
  9. Norway
  10. New Zealand

The higher rank of the US may surprise many but, according to Global Citizen Solutions, the US ranked 4th place in the investment category. Read their full story here!

The ranking and orientation of questions from Global citizens is dose not directly affect the use of the mobility ranking method, the reason is if your purpose of getting the most powerful passport in 2022 is to travel without any difficulty, then the strongest passports that we mentioned are based on mobility is what you should consider.

But if your desire is to get a better future and life, then try to consider the factors and orientation questions mentioned by Global Citizen Solutions. Because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, everything is going virtual, and people experience changes in their careers. New methods of teaching, studying, and working is taking place.

Then having to decide which passport to apply for is definitely a tough decision. People who want to apply for another citizenship, often get pressurized by what is on the internet, how people are living their lives. Make sure you do not get influenced by the luxurious life of people, and make your rational study based on the data collected by reputable agencies.

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