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This Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Was Able to Finish Her University Education in a Canadian University 7 Years After Nigerian Government Stopped Her Scholarship


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A Nigerian lady has narrated how she was able to finish her university education in a Canadian university, 7 years after the Nigerian government stopped her scholarship.

According to the Tik-Tok user who will be graduating this month, she arrived in the North American country in 2012 on a $40k scholarship which increases every year, but two years after she started off her education and with three years to go, she got an email telling her that the scholarship has been stopped and she has a day to respond and book a return flight back to Nigeria.

According to her, this happened when her tuition was already $60k. The social media user said she started off a food and clothing business which allowed her to move into her own apartment.
The lady who will be graduating on November 18 and has already gotten her first job, added that what seemed to be far is nowhere.

Watch the video below.

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