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Mzansi Fashion Goes West – Thuli Sindi

Thuli Sindi

The “Thula Sindi” Collections at Mzansi Fashion Goes West in Ghana.

South African fashion designer, Thula Sindi returned to Ghana’s capital city Accra on the ticket of the Republic of South Africa to let loose his recent collection on the ramp at Mzansi Fashion Goes West runway show, orchestrated by the South African High Commission in the Republic of Ghana in partnership with Ghana’s Tourism & Creative Arts Ministry.

Thula Sindi pours 16 colorful looks, an entirely stylish garment for ladies.

Mzansi Fashion Goes West was duly organized as part of the Inaugural session of the Bi-National Commission and State Visit to the Republic of Ghana by His Excellency the President of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Check on Thula Sindi collections as showcased at Mzansi Fashion Goes West in Ghana below.

Photography: Ekow Quansah

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